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Free: The Complete Guide to Building Good Credit: An Easy-to-Follow Plan to Take You From Bad Credit to Rock-Solid Credit in Less Than a Year

Life can change at a moments notice. Many people find themselves lost in rectifying credit mistakes they made. But there is hope! As the second book in the Money Skills for Adults Series, this book teaches you how to endure economic storms and emerge more independent than before. With a rock-solid credit score, your financial dreams can become a reality! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Legacy of the Shadow’s Blood

Sometimes, you just can’t escape your past no matter how hard you try. Lexi is learning that the hard way and it’s not long before old enemies are trying to catch up with her. Then there’s her nemesis… Join Lexi, Dick, and an unforgettable cast of characters in this addictive series. Free to $0.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Brutal Response Complete Series Boxed Set

Mia Verick grew up on a remote homestead far from anything people would dare call civilization. Her upbringing was unusual. Can a girl taught to shoot first and ask questions later learn to operate in a dangerous environment where everyone is friend and foe? Grab this complete series boxed set and join Mia as her search for the truth takes her far from the only home she’s ever known! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Her Millions Are Worthless

Jane is a beautiful, young, intelligent, and wealthy woman searching for true love. By luck, she meets Bill, a poor but proud young man glued to his cell phone for hours every day. Despite her initial doubts, Jane falls in love with Bill, and soon, they can’t wait until they text each other daily. But when Bill begins to suspect that Janes millions are dirty, the young couple is caught in a web of curious questions, evasive answers, and financial secrets. Will their love be strong enough ... [Read More...]

Free: Small Town Nightmare

Lucys troubled brother is the only close family she has. When he goes missing, she begins to panic and heads out to a rural backwater, Night Town, his last known location. But the locals don’t respond kindly to her inquiries. What lengths will the townsfolk go to protect their secrets? And how far will she go to protect her kin? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Spy from Palestine

British-controlled Palestine, 1947. Teeming with intrigue and treachery. Here prize-winning American war journalist, Charly Lawrence, and her lover, Jonas Shaw, ex-Churchill bodyguard and spy, arrive on a dangerous mission: amid this scrap of desert, fought over for centuries, find a Jewish survivor of a notorious WWII Nazi massacre in Europe. Then interview her for a scoop for her struggling London-based newspaper. Little do these worldly travelers realize the life-threatening danger and plott... [Read More...]

Remembering Passion: Sinclair Duet

Damien Sinclair is a force of nature, the beauty of a sunset over the ocean while capable of devastating hurricane-strength winds. At one time, hed held my heart in his hands. That was until the day I walked away. I didnt leave him because I didnt love him. It was that loving him was too much, an all-encompassing affair. In his presence, I failed to exist. For two years, I worked to build a life free from Damiens irresistible pull. I succeeded until one fate-filled afternoon I found myself seat... [Read More...]

Crimson Shifter

As an immortal, elite hunter with the ability to shift into any animal I like, Im an expert at sneaking around. But I never thought Id have to pose as her pet. Cassandra Zorin is the elegant, sexy, vampire daughter of a traitor. She’s as trustworthy as a pit viper, despite her claims of innocence. And when the king orders me to pose as her beloved pet panther while she infiltrates her heavily warded family estate, I cant say no even though I think we’re as likely to kill each other ... [Read More...]

The Unlikely Investor: A Path to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

“The Unlikely Investor” is your guide to financial independence through real estate, offering proven strategies and tools for all experience levels. Discover how Grant Francke built an $8 million portfolio with a high school education. Learn to cultivate an investor mindset, find and finance deals, manage properties, and partner for growth. Achieve financial freedom with practical advice and real-world examples. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Break-Up Coach

Ophelia’s a book nerd who has her future all mapped out. Major’s a grammar nerd who prefers to tackle life one day at a time. Can it work? And what the heck is a break-up coach anyway? The Break-Up Coach is a hilariously unique take on romantic comedy. It’s a fast-paced beach read with as many laughs as plot twists and a surprise ending you won’t see coming. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fairy-tale Islam: Deceptions Masking a Dark Reality

In a world of misleading appearances, this book explores Islam, revealing stark differences between its media portrayal and true teachings. Elass examines Islams doctrines on conflict, human rights, and global influence, offering a thorough look at its sacred texts and figures. He argues that orthodox Islam diverges from Western multiculturalism, isnt a religion of Abraham, and has a fundamentally different God from the Bible. The book underscores Western civilization’s roots in Judeo-Chr... [Read More...]

Free: The Mist

The ancient land of Batu is on the verge of extinction. Its villagers have been driven to the top of frozen Mt. Hau to escape the evil shroud that is stealing the souls of their children. Bohai, the teenage shaman, knows his people’s only hope lie with three teenage friends living 1000 years in the future, each one struggling to fit into their modern world. Follow the fantastical journey of Sam, Mackenzie and Lucas as they travel back in time and find within themselves strength and courag... [Read More...]

The Black Swan Event

The next battle between liberty and tyranny is about to begin Award-winning author Mikael Carlson brings the omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation of Orwells 1984 and weaves in the twists and turns of Game of Thrones. The Black Swan Event is the action-packed and realistic first novel of this epic speculative fiction saga showing the worlds terrifying dystopian future. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Thief and the Historian: Book One of the Runetree Chronicles

Aeda, a gifted Thief, is confined to the coastal city of Biersport, where she is a member of the elusive Grey Society. Bound by their commands, Aeda is reluctant to continue her life of crime but knows no other way to survive. One fateful day, Aeda is tasked with stealing from the Historian Gieral, a member of the legendary order responsible for chronicling all of history. But when their paths cross, Aeda’s life takes an unexpected turn. She is suddenly torn from the only life she has eve... [Read More...]

Free: How Stop Overthinking

“How to Stop Overthinking” is an unconventional guide to getting out of your head and into your body breaking free from the cycle of overthinking. Each chapter blends science, examples, and practical exercises that’ll support readers in their journey of finding calm. What makes it unconventional? Many of the exercises are unorthodox and different from your typical self-help books. They focus on shifting your nervous system from the sympathetic system (fight-or-flight) to paras... [Read More...]

Midnight Sleeper Series

  KIRKUS Reviews: MIDNIGHT SLEEPER Series: The train setting becomes a wonderful narrative device..tension builds…Soon audiences are hip deep in the sort of thugs that Prohibition was so good at enabling The plot does not just thicken, it congealsSkulduggery abounds in the third novel…which brings more intrigue and crazy adventures…the plot moves fast and the dialogue faster, and the novel involves questions of blurred identity..The author has a great thing going here. $2... [Read More...]

Free: Penance on the Prairies

One part Vicar of Dibley, one part amateur sleuth who loves pastries, set in the mountains of Montana where no ones business is her own Between the police scanners, the coffee ladies, and the senior center, no secret is safe for long. But Vangie Vale wants nothing more than to stay under the radar…especially the police radar. So when her new business is linked to a murder investigation, nothing will stop the gossip mill from connecting her to the dead body. Can’t have that. In order... [Read More...]

Haven Blood and Stone (Haven Book One 1)

by Dakota Applewood (Author) Format: Kindle Edition 4.0 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating Book 1 of 1: Haven Book One See all formats and editions For centuries the people of Haven, led by their Deputy, have protected the rest of humanity from the monstrous Orcs of legend. When Haven falls, the world changes overnight. Aero leads a band of Orc mercenaries. He knows how to fight and how to kill. It is almost all he knows. He and his men are cursed and unwelcome in the Orc cities they die to protect. I... [Read More...]

Girl of Averages

The rich and handsome Mark Walters discovers that love is neither the preserve of beauties nor an affliction of females. With fashion models for girlfriends, he has kept his best friend at a distance, as she is just an average girl, expected to fall in love with him. But when she leaves him, the loss is unbearable, and he hunts madly for her, hoping she will give him a second chance. Will she? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The First Mistake: A Military Thriller

An exciting world of political intrigue, action-adventure, and steadfast passion Ten years ago, USAF Special Agent Cleo North ignored her gut instinctand a young sergeant ended up brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Knowing she missed vital clues in the case has haunted her ever since. Now a civilian security specialist, Cleo accepts an offer to provide protection to a self-centered actress attending the premier of her contentious new movie at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Unexpectedly, the gig r... [Read More...]

Free: Turning Single-Family Properties into Profit$:

Hey there, everyone! I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement knowing that you’re diving into my debut book! Here’s the scoop: it’s all about unlocking the incredible potential of real estate investing, specifically with single-family properties. My message is simple but powerful: anyone, and I mean anyone, can thrive in this space. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

ACT Therapy Workbook for Adults

Break free from distressing thoughts, master emotions, and build resilience with this user-friendly ACT Therapy Workbook. Embrace acceptance, mindfulness, and self-compassion for inner peace and strength. Ideal for anxiety, depression, shame, and more, integrating DBT and CBT for complete mental well-being. Get your copy today for a happier you! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Iceman

Master Chief Christopher Iceman Snow and his team are tasked with gathering intel on a terrorist group that is targeting American citizens overseas. They have hit several targets in Paris. Its a tragic and volatile mission when he comes face-to-face with the tantalizing woman who has been heavy on his mind. He wonders how he can keep his hands off her to focus on the job at hand. CIA Officer Rose Sinema is heading up the taskforce to root out the people responsible for murdering American citize... [Read More...]

Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World

This captivating book offers a unique perspective on the afterlife and provides valuable insights into how to identify signs from departed loved ones. Macy, who possesses enhanced abilities, delves into the mysteries of our world and what lies beyond. If you are interested in spirituality, faith, and the healing power they offer, this book is a must-read. Whether you are seeking answers about the future of humanity or simply wish to explore the realms of the spiritual world, Macy’s wisdom... [Read More...]

Free: The Bottom Floor: Jonathan and Denise have a wild ride through the portals of time

Jonathan West gave a very moving and beautiful eulogy for his dear friend Kathryn Kramer at the Manfred Methodist Church in Newton. The twenty-one-year-old college student felt a very special bond with the 105-year-old great grandmother and matriarch of the Kramer family. Now she was gone, and he missed her dearly. If only he could see her just one more time and share the things they used to talk about. The truth is he would be able to see her one more time as he found a way to go from 2024 to ... [Read More...]

The Kingpin Bodyguard

Eva, a fearless journalist, narrowly escapes when she witnesses a brutal mobster killing. Her former lover and mafia boss, Dante has her abducted and brought to his luxurious Bahamas mansion for protection. After Dante refuses to let Eva leave, she has no choice but to make the best of things and reluctantly finds herself drawn back into the charms of Dante. As they spend time together on the island, their connection becomes undeniable. But as Eva and Dante rekindle their past affair, Eva goes ... [Read More...]

Sons of Neptune Complete Series Box Set

Invasion sparked a mystery, then a nightmare, and finally the courage to take back our planet! Starting on a post-apocalyptic Earth – then into the stars to a lone starbase left by our ancestors. An epic sci-fi saga that spans 4 books and 1,525 pages with creatures, spaceships, aliens & humans who can sometimes do the impossible. 1000 4- & 5-star ratings. “…spins the apocalyptic genre on its head …keeping readers on their toes!” Publishers Weekly, Booklife ... [Read More...]


A mysterious contagion devastates civilization. Numbers of infected swell beyond measure, and they are running out of victims upon which to feed. Outlaws roam free, plundering nave survivors in search of shelter and protection from massing herds of ravenous predators. Cowboy discovers awakened abilities to control the infected, complicating his shadowy past and uncertain present. Gloria establishes a refugee camp, enlisting Cowboy to protect the few from the many. Luke and his father take fligh... [Read More...]

Free: The Gut Revolution

“The Gut Revolution” Book is a step-by-step proven blueprint that harnesses the power of the gut for lasting immune health, improved mood, and weight control. Leveraging Dr. Bisharas discovery of why children survived COVID due to the composition in their gut, this book unlocks the power of how the gut holds the key to human longevity. Tap into your Gut-Brain connection and learn how to eat the foods that will naturally optimize your mood and cognitive function. Change your gut. Cha... [Read More...]


In a world where nine out of every ten females have been taken by a virus, the surviving females scramble to maintain their autonomy to evade the collectors who have been commissioned by the government to bring in survivors for internment in shelters, and to hide from those who are actively hunting them. Zinnia Zen is determined to keep her children alive in the aftermath of the breakdown of civilization. She was one of the lucky or unlucky ones to be immune to the virus, as was her only daught... [Read More...]

The 7 Pillars of Successful Caregiving: Things No One Tells You

The 7 Pillars of Successful Caregiving is a deeply authentic handbook that seeks to provide practical guidance and emotional support to frontline and family caregivers. With a mix of actionable exercises, checklists, insights, and self-care strategies for avoiding stress and burnout. Inside, seasoned health care professional and founder of Caregiver Support Services Dr. Eboni Green provides an essential overview of the7pillars behind successful caregiving. Exploring how caregivers can work thro... [Read More...]

Free: Piano Sheet Music for Kids

Transform your child’s piano practice into a world of fun with 80 childrens classics! Easy-to-read sheet music with letters on every note. Audio & video tutorials for every song. Backing Tracks to make practice exciting, like playing in a band. Fun & familiar songs turned into easy sheet music. This book is your child’s ticket to loving piano, building confidence with each melody. Say goodbye to practice woes and hello to musical joy! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Her Millions Are Worthless

Jane has it all youth, beauty, intelligence, and wealth but misses true love. Then she meets Bill, a poor but proud young man who reads online articles most of the day. Despite her initial doubts, Jane slowly falls in love with Bill and soon they can’t wait to see each other after work. But when Bill begins to suspect that Jane’s millions are dirty, the young couple is caught in a web of inquisitive questions, evasive answers, and financial secrets. Will their love be strong enough ... [Read More...]