Child of Emptiness

He will be born in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the sixth day of the month. The prophecy has been found, and the one who discovered it is crucified in the Coliseum in Rome. An unforgettable tale that spreads across continents to an inexorable confrontation that will leave you wondering when these events will take place? It’s later than you think…$0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Last Honorable Man

Jake Wakefield struggles to save his family and prove his innocence! Excited to take part in his first mission as an Air Force Operator, Jake soon finds himself amid an intricate heist. The team tries to kill Jake and blame him for the stolen money but Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agent Sheldon McCarr becomes suspicious of their story. 45 million in Federal Government money earmarked for reparations has been stolen, and Alpha Team comes under the radar. Eight members of the team m... [Read More...]

Love Under The Stars

Inspired by the true story of John and Phoebe Brashear who developed telescopes and lenses that are still in use today, Love Under the Stars brings the beginnings of their journey to life. Set against the steel mills of Pittsburgh, a young man has a mind for astronomy and physics, the gifted hands of a millwright, and the heart of a minister. Conflicted about which life path to take, he is further confounded when the love of his life shows up teaching Sunday school in the classroom next to his.... [Read More...]

Stalkers: A Dark Romance Anthology

You should never fall for the bad guy… Over thirty of your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors have come together to create an epic collection of forbidden, dark romance stories. Get lost in this unputdownable mixture of short stories. From heroes to bad guys, there’s something for everyone. stalk·er A person who stalks: a person who pursues someone obsessively. Stalkers is a taboo romance collection jam-packed with captivating stories. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: A Rainy Day In Melbourne

In Melbourne for a friend’s birthday party, Henry is desperate to escape the stresses of his day-to-day life in Sydney. Spirits soar but events take a turn for the worse and Henry is forced to confront his personal struggles as well as those of his four friends. Can Henry keep it together and overcome his demons to avoid tragedy? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]