Free: The Secret of Avenfore: William the Kingfisher

Going back to Avenfore was William’s dream. He soon discovers the mysterious incident that made his father move the family to the city all those years ago. Before long, William realises that his life is in danger and all the happiness for having returned to his dreamed home town, turns into fear. When William visits the local castle of Ravenwood he meets Amaranta, a girl with a shadowy past. Amaranta quickly becomes part of William’s group of friends, but she confides to William that she to... [Read More...]

HOW MUCH FOR A HAPPY ENDING? From domestic abuse survivor, to dominatrix, to sex therapist and everything in between!

Growing up on a British council estate with dysfunctional parents is no simple task for Sinead Winters. Swept off her feet by deviant, narcissistic bad boy, Tim, a young Sinead is sucked into an abusive marriage with little hope of escape. A chance encounter offers her a new life of glitz and glamour, but it’s not all it seems. Plunged into a world of adult entertainment, she finds herself in the heart of the UK glamour modelling industry. From lads’ mags to lap-dancing, webcamming to f... [Read More...]

Entitled Woman

Cheyenne feels she’s earned her entitlement to a privileged relationship by now, but she has no idea how to go about getting the man she really wants . . . until she’s encouraged to attend a seminar by relationship realist True Wells. It will be an event she will never forget, and she might end up having her life changed forever because of it. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


In 1987, Ollie, his children from a previous marriage, Sam and Jodi Lee, and his romantic partner Dwayne start anew on a farm near a small and quiet farming community tucked deep in rural and open country. Ollie takes employment as a deputy with the local Sheriff’s Department, leaving Dwayne home to help with toddler Sam and teen Jodi Lee. Dwayne adjusts to his new role and struggles to balance AA support, his own medical illness, and tending Ollie’s children. He is met, also, with harsh ho... [Read More...]

Arrogant Artist : A Billionaire Boss Romance (The Art of Love Series Book 1)

Louis Marchant—artist of our generation.More like the most arrogant artist of our generation. The man looks like Michelangelo has carved him with his bare hands. Kissable soft lips.The perfect amount of five o’clock shadow stretched across his square jaw. Add in that delicious French accent and oh là là. And then there’s his giant… Um, never mind, it’s still connected to him.No amount of magnificence can take away the fact that he’s the most arrogant man in the history of France... [Read More...]

Free: Violet

A small town curvy girl romantic comedy. Violet I’m happy living alone with my cat and my romance novels until I meet Sean. He unlocks something inside of me, a longing, a craving that I need to satisfy. I think I can spend one night with him and then walk away. It’s the fairest thing to do, no matter how wrong it feels. Because once he knows the truth about me, he won’t want to stick around. Sean I’ve always wanted to be a father, and when I meet the sweet librarian with the killer cur... [Read More...]

Their Easter Bunny: A Dad’s Best Friend, Surprise Triplets, Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)

Three gorgeous men rescued me from my worst nightmare, but that was just the beginning. My dad’s best friends were completely off-limits. I wasn’t thinking straight when I let Mateo kiss my lips the night I was devastated about my ex’s betrayal. And then he invited two of his friends to join us and make my night even better. Mateo… He’s two decades older, and the kind of silver fox I didn’t know I wanted. Eric is unpredictably ruthless but that doesn’t scare me. His protective... [Read More...]