Free: #junkie

Testosterone flows deep in the world of fast cars and frat houses, unfortunately so does homophobia. Drew Forrester in on the verge of making racing history and Trent Mask is trying to keep his fraternity from falling apart. They’re best friends who fall in love, their relationship so taboo it threatens everything they touch. #Junkie is a male/male college sports romance novel that contains fast cars and french fry addiction! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Trauma and Dissociation Informed Internal Family Systems: How to Successfully Treat C-PTSD, and Dissociative Disorders

This book integrates dimensions from the Trauma and Dissociation field into the already excellent framework of standard IFS. With this book, you will gain the knowledge of how to treat Complex-PTSD and Dissociative Disordered clients safely, respectfully, ethically, and successfully. Learn in-depth information about this exciting new integration of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Trauma/Dissociation field in this extensive guide. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Requiem for Miriam

Sidney and Miriam seem like an idyllic, successful New York couple, but their marriage is a tragic sham. When Sidney’s glamorous mistress, Tori, urges him to get rid of his troublesome wife, a murderous series of events ensues. Sidney kills Miriam in a fit of rage, and with her last breath, she curses him; she will haunt him for the rest of his life. But the killing isn’t over; Tori dies at the hands of a vengeful ghost, and Sidney finds himself on the run. His life is in ruins, and he is h... [Read More...]

The Beacon Hill Affair

Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s exclusive inner-city residential neighborhoods, with rows of crowded city townhouses, private city homes and city mansions lined along narrow city streets. For Edward, life on Beacon Hill was simple and routine, aside from needing a financial opportunity to save his ever-loving skin. With every passing day he came closer to financial doom, until a mysterious woman from out of town enters into his life with claims of having information to a buried treasure chest,... [Read More...]

The Darkest Gift

Jack Devereaux is a man struggling to accept his sexual orientation. Until Jack meets the intriguing and sophisticated Laurent Richelieu, who puts an end to Jack’s string of failed relationships, but as they embark on their journey together, Jack experiences unsettling events involving encounters with vampires, paranormal occurrences, and possible reincarnation. These events leave him questioning his sanity. The more time Jack spends with Laurent, his mysterious European lover, the more h... [Read More...]

Free: About a Hidden Garden

Do you like gardening? The Australian author, Werner Langer, compares our mind with a garden, a place where noble thoughts are nurtured and weeds can be removed. This book is filled with 111 true short-stories, to be read as daily devotionals for the Christian soul, but it is also of great value to those readers who are seeking clarity in their lives. Be blessed! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Lost Years: Love

Sixteen-year-old Maleeka was taught from a young age that family was everything, but struggles to follow the rules imposed by her strict, Syrian father. Yearning to be seen and loved just as she is, Maleeka seeks solace in Marc, but is forbidden to see him. When forced to choose between her family and the guy she loves, what will Maleeka do? $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Stalked by the Devil: BWWM Thriller (To Kiss a Stalker Series)

Fear is the name of his game. Nothing’s going right in Melody Carter’s life right now. She’s broke, unemployed, and living in the shadow of her successful fashion-model sister Sahara. But that ain’t even the half of Melody’s problems, the biggest one is Keith Taylor, Sahara’s new boyfriend who’s slowly worming his way into the sisters’ lives. Keith’s perfect to everyone else: successful, gorgeous, and at 35 he’s the co-CEO of his family’s billion-dollar company. But Melody... [Read More...]

The eMusketeers

The eMusketeers is a series of short stories and cautionary tales that are connected through quasi-human characters who represent four functions of technology. The eMusketeers are the record keeper, the algorithm, social media, and multimedia – Bill, Al, Sam, and Mike. They track everything, respond to requests, create not-so-private journals, and are always listening and watching. No bits and bytes. Has technology brought boundless opportunities, vast conveniences, and incredible prosperity,... [Read More...]