Free: The Playgirl

Theres a new playa in Hollywood, and her name is Jalise Styles. But as the young, gorgeous author plays the field with A-list actors, hot starlets, and even powerful movie moguls, Jalise discovers more from her flings than just great sex. Lust, revenge, and an unexpected surprise end up rocking her world. *A Contemporary Women’s/LGBT Fiction* Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Short Italian Stories for Beginners: Learn Beginner Italian With 20 Exciting Tales!

Embark on an exciting journey to learning Italian with 20 engaging short stories! Whether you’re a young learner or an adult, our book promises a thrilling adventure into the Italian-speaking world. These 20 short stories extend a wide range of subjects, including bright colors, fascinating animals, bustling professions, and mouthwatering culinary experiences. As you dive into these engaging narratives, you’ll effortlessly pick up new vocabulary, grasp essential grammar concepts, an... [Read More...]

Free: Wall Pilates Workout for Women

Are you dreaming of having a lean or snatched body but too occupied to search the how-tos? I understand that feeling because I was in the same situation before. Hence, this step-by-step book is a godsend! From abs to glutes these guided illustrations are the best companion in your journey to realize your dream. Grab it now and work those muscles! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

It Was Never Meant to Be

Note to self never fall in love with two brothers. In my opinion, love is overrated but downright wet and hot when sparks fly. Falling in love with two brothers was not my plan, but I did not avoid or stop it. I let things happen as they may. In my defense, I was not with them at the same time. But regardless, that was short-lived once they found out I had dated both of them. Ben and Liam are both attractive and above average in size, if you get my meaning. Liam is a military boy, muscular, wil... [Read More...]

Rancher Daddies

When I caught my fiance cheating on me With my maid of honor On our wedding day I ran away And now Im the nanny for three silver fox ranchers. Left with nothing but my wedding dress, I look for a soft place to lay my head. But what I find instead are three tough ranch brothers With broad shoulders to cry on. And rock-hard bodies to die for. All silver foxes. All rugged ex-Navy SEALs. And all as equally devoted to my wellbeing As I am to their two adorable little kids. Will we ride into the suns... [Read More...]

Memory Lost: Book 1 of The Memory Trilogy

Cooper Hadley has made it to the top in his underground worldhes the Security Chief of the Tunnel Corps as well as a Patrician, the most privileged class in the kingdom. But when politics force him to marry, he needs a bride. The perfect candidate is Wye Boterohis one-time best friend. But Wye’s a Drone, a member of the lowest class, and she has hated privileged Cooper for ten long, lonely years, ever since he threatened to have her recycled. Permanently. Wye is hiding a terrible secret a... [Read More...]

Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude

Dig deep to understand whats in your heart to help you unleash the true leader spirit inside of you. CEO Brent Pohlman shows you how to achieve the business role you dream of by focusing on how to be a good leader through self-examination and gratitude. His inspirational guide includes management habits and practical lessons you can apply to change your work and personal life for the better. Leaders Look Within will take you on a smart, reflective journey and convince you that the only way to l... [Read More...]

Smoky Mountain Romance

Love and romance, family and holidays, pets and rescues four stories with a community of characters living in the fictional town of Laurel, North Carolina. The Smoky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for falling in love. Travel to the mountains where wholesome stories and heartwarming families show us what is most in important. $2.99 each on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]