Free: Chaos: Collision of Realms

A missing treasure. Mind-bending clues. Can he expose conspiracies and corruption without triggering deadly consequences? Tom Umbrar-Ment can’t believe his luck. Attending his best friend’s wedding, the easy-going contractor seizes the chance to approach the groom’s younger sister… and his own secret crush. But all his protective instincts fire up when she’s targeted by robbers and loses a powerful ancient relic.Determined not to let his love take the fall, Tom fights his way to a spe... [Read More...]


Aliens have arrived… and this isn’t the first time. When the NCIS tasks her with deciphering an ancient text, linguist and cryptographer Charlie Cutter discovers the language on display in a series of top-secret photographs — and then an otherworldly pod crashes to Earth. Can she crack the code in time to prevent an all-out invasion of devastating proportions? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The String Rider

“I’ll do that thing…” Rubie dangles in front of him, and Trevor is doomed. Put on the device, let it not work, and she’ll do that thing, he tells himself around the alcohol blurred haze of his mind. “Just a couple of years into the future… get us some lotto numbers,” she coos into his ear. Whatever, Trevor thinks, and his mind says to guffaw, but his mouth somehow forms the words, “Why not twenty?” as he spins the dial and punches the ... [Read More...]

Whispers of the Time Museum: A Day with Da Vinci

Whispers of the Time Museum: A Day with Da Vinci tells the story of Huck, who is struggling to adjust to moving to a different city and settling in, all while witnessing his parents’ marriage slowly fall apart. One day, Huck’s father takes their entire family to a museum after finding out that Huck has been struggling to accomplish his final Art project for school. Upon entering the Da Vinci exhibit, Huck, entranced by the stories of Leonardo Da Vinci, suddenly gets trapped in the exhib... [Read More...]

Tails of the Masses

Tails of the Masses: Les Révolutionnaires S’unissent! tells the story of Rorik Klayden, a winged Elite desperate to live up to his family’s legacy as nobles and be worthy of his last name. When Rorik comes home to his parents murdered and wings ripped off, he wants nothing more than to let the perpetrators—the lesser ones, the tailed masses—pay for their crimes. With the desire for revenge fueling all that he does, Rorik bides his time and prepares to be rid of the criminal lowborns on... [Read More...]