Free: Entity

Felicia learns the local aliens on Mars are quite different than the boys on Earth. After several mishaps with aliens and rabbits, she stows away on a miner’s shuttle. When the owner threatens her with telling his secret, she witnesses a phenomena. Now, she has to convince a pilot to help her save the unusual life form before it has a chance to destroy the station. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sanctuary’s Aggression: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Series

When the Infected attack, Skye Jackson is forced to flee her home. Now stranded on a remote mountain road, she is miles from where she needs to be. Jesse’s only desire is to escape his abusive, alcoholic father. If it takes the end of the world to gain freedom, so be it. Together, they must learn who to trust and how to survive in this dark new world. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Make Me Exist

Valerie isn’t who she thinks she is. She isn’t even human. Hunted by an alien race, can she discover the truth before it’s too late? Valerie’s daughter Charlotte is celebrating her sixth birthday and she’s loving it. Presents, games, and cake! For Valerie, it’s not that simple. Being with her ex-husband and his new wife is always a strain, but not as hard as finding out that you’re not who you think you are. When a group of mysterious men unexpectedly s... [Read More...]

Free: A Sky of Engines

Before he made first contact, no one knew who Murton Klapp was. Now, there’s not a child on Arth who doesn’t know the legend… After losing his family and his home, Murton is just another vagrant sleeping on the crowded streets of Gateway, dreaming of lifting off to another world. Folk step around him and his cardboard sign as they hurry through the bustling spaceport city, sometimes dropping spare change on their way off-planet. When Murton stows away on a freighter bound for the frontier... [Read More...]

Free: Masters of the Broken Watches

“Masters of the Broken Watches filters time, myth, science, and philosophy through the taut structure of a political thriller, gaining momentum with each chapter, as its scientists urgently investigate an almost inexplicable bending of the curve of time.” –Harold Augenbraum American writer, former Executive Director of the National Book Foundation and Raven Award winner. When you’re in a near-death experience, people say time slows down. What if time does actually slow down? Or ... [Read More...]

Free: Invasion Day: An Oral History of the Veech War

Three billion people died the day the Veech appeared. Forced to reconcile with the world-shattering fact that humanity isn’t alone in the cosmos, the resulting war for the future of mankind shaped humanity’s destiny and challenged it to grapple with its place in the universe. For the men and women who survived Invasion Day and the devastating war that followed, their stories paint a picture of the everyday struggle and experiences of the regular folk who carved out a living at a time when t... [Read More...]


A teenage wrecker is forced to steal the hottest tech in the verse. What could possibly go wrong? At 19 years old, Denver Boyd is the youngest hauler in space. His ship is the legendary Mustang 1, named and fashioned after the muscle cars of old. His only companions? His one-eyed cat Pirate and an AI navigator named Gary based on classic 21st century sitcom personalities. That all changes when Denver meets Batista, a mechanic who claims to know what happened to Denver’s missing father and bro... [Read More...]

Free: The Syndicate’s Journey

Thousands of years in the future, light-years away from the Solar System and humanity are Earth’s descendants which are the transhumans. They live on a planet called Nuwurth in the Tarkington System. When four generals are sent on a mission to remote alien worlds, will they be able to make contact or encounter something deadly? ... [Read More...]