About us

BookSliced.com is the easiest place online to search for free books. We built BookSliced for book lovers who want an easy way to find free books. Amazon and Apple Books make it easy to find their “best selling” free book selection, but they make it very difficult to search for free books by genre or author. We built BookSliced to take the pain out of finding free.

There more than free on our site, you can also use our filters to find books that just went on sale, and sort them by ratings or popularity. This is a great way to scan Kindle for book deals, without having to visit Amazon and click on all of the banners for deals such as deal of the day, Kindle monthly deals, seasonal promotions, lighting deals, Kindle Countdown Deals, Kindle Daily Deals, and Kindle Exclusive Deals. We feature all Kindle deals in one place, updated hourly and easy to use.

Book deals and mark downs may last for weeks, days, or as little as a few hours, so check back often for the newest deals!

There’s more…BookSliced also tracks the price changes that have been made on books sold on Amazon. With our history of price changes on books, you can see how often a book goes on sale and what its launch price, high price and low price have been historically. Rather than highlight every price change for every book, our algorithm filters out minor prices changes while only showing books that surpass a certain popularity threshold.

Have questions about BookSliced, use our contact us form or email us booksliced (at) gmail.com.