Free: Fate and Resolve

In a town where women can only be wives and mothers, Leah dares to dream. With her arranged marriage quickly approaching, she flees into the forest on the day of her wedding, only to be captured by a centaur before she can taste freedom. Dominick, the brooding leader of the centaur tribe, offers her a place to stay. He promises she can be more than just someone’s property, with the power to make her own choices. To Leah, it sounds like a dream come true. But she has reason to believe he h... [Read More...]

Our Next Dance

Born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, Becca Cooper is a skilled ballet dancer who struggles with a secret that could shatter her life. Plagued by debilitating visions of a ballerina named Cassandra, the seventeen-year-old begins to discover her truth in the pages of a dusty old diary. When Becca realizes there is more to her crush, Caleb, than meets the eye, they team up to turn back the hands of time and seek justice for an incomprehensible crime. This enchanting story alludes to the superna... [Read More...]

Genesis Academy, Book 1: The Seer’s Legacy

One day I’m the darling of the Guardians and the next our whole family is running for their lives. All because I saw my first premonition ever … Now they want me to go undercover at Genesis Academy, the Guardian’s school for rebels and rejects. Me—the goody-goody science nerd with the brand new powers. Oh, and I have to keep my budding Seer powers a secret. Too bad they manifest at the worst times. At least I have one person on my side, my fabulous roomie. Except, her brooding brother i... [Read More...]

Coyote’s Vow

3 Kylie was the victim of a brutal experiment that gave her telekinetic abilities. Coyote shifter Trevor doesn’t trust the psy but when his feelings for Kylie grow out of control, will he risk everything to be with her? When a deranged doctor has disturbing plans for shifters and psy, can Trevor and Kylie stop him, or will they be silenced forever? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ghostly Howls

Irish folklore meets small town USA A heartbroken half banshee, a cockle selling soul possessor, and a town haunted by mysteries…if they don’t find the killer, Orla and Molly might die before finding their soulmates. Orla and Dave’s love has been unrequited for as long as they can remember. Cormac and Molly are used to drawing outside the lines. None of them are prepared for the new ghostly neighbors. In a town that’s always ostracized them, can Molly and Orla finally use th... [Read More...]

Free: Hexywood: Hollywood Witches Book 3: A Paranormal Instalove Steamy Romance Novella

It’s not Hollywood, it’s Hexywood. Gorgeous yet aging movie star Tal Irving knows where to go for a glamour charm. The party-girl witch who keeps a pet turtle as a body guard and has LaLa Land wired from the H in the Hollywood sign to the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Piers, Hecate “Hexy” Collins. Hexy’s busy counting stacks and racking flash, but a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive convinces her that Tal’s for real. And being seen and respected for the first time in the steep cl... [Read More...]

Jacob’s Ghost

Jacob has the most successful psychic debunking program in England. On one such show he is so cruel to a psychic he reduces her to tears and gloats at what he has done. In a twist of fate, Jacob dies and finds himself in limbo and realises no one can see, hear, or sense him. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him is Mia Hunt, the medium he bullied on his show two days before he died. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]