Free: Black Seagull

Unravel the captivating family secrets of a Russian Jewish immigrant family in Israel in “Black Seagull,” a gripping family saga with a thrilling mystery at its core. Embark on a captivating journey through generations as “Black Seagull” unveils a mesmerizing family saga filled with long-buried secrets. This gripping tale unravels the complex web of relationships, cultural tensions, and clandestine mysteries within a Russian Jewish immigrant family in Israel. Follow Tama... [Read More...]

Monstra Inter

Humanity is hurled into chaos as zombies appear. They’ll chase and stalk; they don’t eat or drink; their goal is to spread the infection to everyone. The few people who make it through the first wave struggle to survive in this horrifying new reality. The story follows several different characters in their fight for survival as these new monsters take over. Paths cross and intertwine. Who will make it out alive? Who won’t? And who will end up as the monsters in between? $2.99 ... [Read More...]

The Patient (Beyond The Veil Book 1)

Four hundred years ago, the elven realm lost their greatest magician to the modern world. Now, they are returning to avenge the forces that took him. When the world was known as Avalyne, humans and magical beings lived in harmony. But over time, the elves retreated behind the Veil separating the modern world from the magical realm. In present day New York, psychiatrist Doctor Dan Ellis finds himself treating an elderly homeless man, brought in for vandalizing the imposing Malcolm Industries bui... [Read More...]

Dragon Riders of Elantia: Books 1-3

This boxed set contains the first three books in the Dragon Riders of Elantia Series: Call of the Dragon, Flight of the Dragon, and Might of the Dragon. If you like sassy heroines, spunky dragons, crazy adventures, wild treasure hunts, this is the series for you! From the description for Call of the Dragon: Zara Kenrook has never wanted to be ordinary. Abandoned at an orphanage, destined for a life in the slums, she’s clawed her way to the top and made herself a name as one of the best tr... [Read More...]

Billionaire Bear Shifters

Four Billionaire Bear Shifter Brothers, Four sassy mates, and Four happy-ever-afters!  “Love was never meant to come easy for the Strauss Bear Shifter Brothers.” This boxset contains: NATHAN: The most gruff, strong, and silent brother. ERIC: The most easygoing one who effortlessly makes everyone happy. CODY: Little bit angry but always loyal. CONNOR: Alpha brother who’s in charge of everything Immerse yourself into the world of alpha protectors, shifters, and steamy adventure. This s... [Read More...]

Free: NUTRITION FOR THE SOUL: How to Manage Stress After Loss, Regain Your Power, Reconnect with the World, and Live in Congruence with Gratitude

Discover the secrets to inner harmony to heal your past, embrace your power, and create a life of abundance and gratitude with this transformative book… “Worry and stress affect the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system, and profoundly affects heart action.” – Charles W. Mayo, M.D. In a world filled with constant stress and loss, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. When you let stress and negativity take over, your body is also... [Read More...]

Free: How to Bet Like A Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Sports Betting

You never thought that following your favorite sports could one day become the key to living the life of a millionaire. However, it can, and has been done—and those who play a winning deck follow a remarkably simple yet surprisingly strategic and definable plan for success. Imagine making $30 million dollars—not from setting up a business, or working out the complex workings of the stock market—but rather, from betting on sports. Or turning a $50,000 bankroll into $4 million in a matter o... [Read More...]

Free: INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP: Using IncubatorU’s 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization

Have you ever had a dream, project or idea that was stalled because of barriers too difficult to overcome? What if we showed you a simple 5-Step Methodology that not only helps you overcome those barriers but also deliver something better than you could ever imagine? And how does the idea of increased team effort and engagement sound to you? Discovering an idea is the easy part. The ultimate challenge is bringing that idea into reality, which involves teams, resources, and most importantly, mom... [Read More...]

Almost Heaven

Viking thought his days of happiness died with his girlfriend, until he saves a woman from a brutal assault. Diana is looking for her missing niece when her life is upended by violence. When a motorcycle club comes to her rescue she falls for their president. Almost Heaven is a dark, emotional tale of how the power of love can heal even the deepest of wounds. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]