Free: Euphoric Drift

Euphoric Drift instantly takes the reader on an intimate journey through the ins and outs of UFO encounter, and the resulting mystifying aftermath. Meticulously crafted by a UFO abductee, these poetic snippets of multiple-perspective experiences reveal an exploration of ambiguity–and through that exploration, an examination of the innermost self arises. Obscurity merges with the rigidity of real-life in this collection of compelling poems. By book’s end, your psyche will inevitably ... [Read More...]

Cain’s Mark

When photographer Nicole MacFerran comes into possession of a 19th century box camera along with a handful of old crime scene photographs, she opens a closet full of skeletons…and that night the killings start. He has been waiting… Jackson Radford, evil incarnate, has been trapped in the In-Between for so long… plenty of time for his grudge to fester. He wants revenge. He wants her dead. Now he’s coming… When a string of brutal murders follows her down the east coast, Nicole learn... [Read More...]

Free: Dark Tales Of Sorrow And Despair

Little Mothers -The villagers stand huddled at the edge of the river, frozen by the sight before them. Horrific. Inexplicable. Monstrous. Who would do such a thing? The townspeople have become used to vagrants lurking in their streets since the fall of the Soviet Union, while witless officials shake their heads at mounting unsolved crimes. But the river sees everything. The drunks, and the abusers. The poachers and thieves. The children who walk into the twilight, and never return. So many secr... [Read More...]

Tequila Trails

She’s my friend with benefits. But I had to break it off. She’s my best friend’s sister. Even though the woman is hotter than sin, sneaking around behind his back is too much. I’m not sure what the hell I thought was going to happen. That she was going to go good-girl and never see another man? Not a chance. A billionaire in town has taken a liking to her and there’s one problem—she’s mine. But I gotta be smart about this. This guy could destroy the town. Or maybe I should hit the... [Read More...]

Free: The Kill Switch

The third installment of the dystopian, Nemo & Co. series. After The Taxi Driver kills himself and Nico Tucker, The Cleaner, Lachlan and Cale, find themselves caught in a web of intrigue featuring allies and a mysterious crime organization known as The Dragonheads. Will Ellen and Johnny Sue make it back to Headmays? Who is trustworthy and who isn’t? Will Nemo and Co. be finally defeated by triggering “The Kill Switch”? Or will Stella live to fight another day? The suspense... [Read More...]

Mary Finch and the Grey Lady

“THIS IS THE DAY WE AWOKE DEATH,” Mrs Grady said. Meet fourteen-year-old Mary Finch – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of a stylish new detective series. Book two of the Mary Finch Victorian Maid Mysteries sees Mary confront the ghost of the Grey Lady. If she is to save her mistress, she must discover the truth before it it’s too late. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Africa: Open for Business: Discover the ABCs….

Welcome to “AfriCAN” – the can-do continent, the vast, vibrant and diverse continent offering a wealth of human and natural resources that translate into opportunities for business, your business. Complicated? Not necessarily. Africa, with all its diversity and largesse, can be difficult to understand, to grasp. Just like most new business ventures. However, successful business in Africa is as straightforward as ABC: Appetite, Bandwidth, and Capital. It starts with growing an Appetite to ... [Read More...]

Free: Sleep Code: Renew Your Lifestyle, Recode Your Mind, Restore Your Sleep

The Sleep Code was written to help us all attain better sleep by reintroducing ancient sleep approaches for the modern world. Pradeep and Trupti have taken on a holistic approach to sleep, wellness, and spirituality in order to effectively address sleep disorders—a silent yet chronic issue. Over the course of their 10 Sleep Codes, they have shared how to target the issue, and how to overcome it with mindset and lifestyle changes—all while unpacking thousands of years of Indian practice for ... [Read More...]

Free: ALIVE ON PURPOSE: Unclench from Fear and Step Into Your Power Backbone, Heart and Balls

Alive On Purpose is a road map to guide men through passivity, collapse and trauma so they can address what’s holding them back at the level of root cause. In these pages I guide and inspire you to embrace the vitality of your purpose as a man. This book simplifies the process of knowing your purpose. Your purpose is the special sauce. Alive On Purpose is the path of initiation & alignment of backbone, heart and balls. Allow this book to guide you through your greatest breakthroughs and a... [Read More...]

Free: Asian Adventures A-Z

Can you name the Asian cities, food, holidays, and others from A-Z? Join us for a fun adventure as we journey through Asia from A-Z. Each page highlights the traditions and cultures of Asia’s beautiful countries while also teaching your little ones the alphabet! A is for Asia, the continent. A is for Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. A is also for beautiful áo dài dresses worn by Vietnamese women. B is for Bangkok. B is for Bhutan. B is also for bibimbap, rice served in hot stone bowls i... [Read More...]