Free: THE ULTIMATE SHIFT: Designing Your Life Intentionally

In The Ultimate Shift, Entrepreneur and Businessman Ephraim Glick reflects and draws upon years of business experience to share powerful strategies to help you live your life by design not default. Discover life changing and unique techniques from Ephraim’s viewpoint growing up Amish and also learn how to write your own life story. This book will inspire you to do more and to be more, to not settle but to keep reaching. This book is a book of hope, to help you see the good in the world an... [Read More...]

The Pelican Trees

Written by multi award-winning novelist, Patrick Higgins, this story started his career as a Christian novelist. Chock full of mystery, suspense and intrigue, each reader will embark on a great and daring adventure, each step carefully orchestrated by a loving grandfather (already in Heaven) trying to rescue his precious granddaughter and the rest of his family from eternal condemnation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Scam A-Lama Ding Dong

Rock stars like Marc Charles don’t like being messed with by con artists, especially when their career is at stake and their time is running out. Hounded by Cory Mariano, nephew of the head of a family-run Show Business organization operating a mafia-like scam, jaded rock star Marc Charles knows he’s got to fight back to survive, and he can play dirty too! A wickedly dark comedy of deception, dodgy behaviour, celebrity, lies and love – and a huckster’s sly scheme to con ... [Read More...]


Two wounded men. One semi mythical, magical pool. A forest full of monsters out for blood… Magic brought Danel to the WildWood and nearly killed him in the process. What good is a crippled knight? No one will hire him and he’s forced to eke out a living as a knight errant. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it. When he comes across a half Fae wanderer in the forest and hears of a healing pool, he jumps at the chance to find it. Aldyn used to be Prince Magnus of the Ten Is... [Read More...]

Manifesting Alignment: Secrets to Becoming a Vibrational Match to Your Desires

Imagine how your life would change if you knew how to become a vibrational match to your desires every time you want to manifest something…Manifesting Alignment is your step-by-step guide to help you unleash your limitless manifesting powers with proven energy and mindset tools! It’s time to master the art of effortless manifesting! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Best Friend’s Sister Secret

I thought things would be different this time around in my hometown, Apple Creek. But nothing has changed, even after five years have gone by. My parents are gone. My big brother is furious with me. And he doesn’t even know I’m still in love with his best friend – The man who promised him he’d stay away from me. I thought if I stayed away long enough,?Surely our feelings would fade. But Paul Blackwell is as irresistible to me as ever. Only this time, we’re all grown up. Our late-n... [Read More...]

The Amalie Noether Chronicles

  The Amalie Noether Chronicles begins as Elle Silver and her crewmates are heading to colonize a planet 40 light-years from Earth. Chaos erupts on board the transport ship in which a saboteur threatens to splinter their mission or at the very worst destroy it completely. Follow Elle as she strategizes on how to save the mission, save her own life too and start life anew on the planet, Amalie Noether, which they are about to call home. From $3.99 to $5.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]