Without: Body, Name, Country

“Pick up this book and eat it, I mean love it, I mean eat it.” —Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) “…we see that perfect world crumble with her diagnosis of Guillam-Barre syndrome in which a person’s immune system attacks the nerves.” —Martha Engber In Meg Johnson’s third full length collection, Without: Body, Name, Country, strange experiences become familiar and familiar experiences become strange, as a human body, a sense of self, and an entire nation al... [Read More...]

You’re Welcome: A Dog Lovers Novel

You’re Welcome is an Amazon Best Seller. This heartwarming, inspiring and laugh-out-loud memoir of a dog is inspired by true events, and narrated by our furry best friend. Ludo, a German Shepherd and Melody, a young high-spirited woman, find each other needing one another more than they know to make it through the perils life has in store for them! The pair forge an unbreakable relationship, and with it navigate hardship, depression, and love! If you have ever loved a dog this book is a must-... [Read More...]

The Unexpected Mother

You know the pregnancy was a mess…when Oprah hears your story and wants it for O Magazine…twice! Would Susan, a single mother of two, survive the oddest surrogate motherhood debacle ever? It wasn’t her first time carrying the couple’s baby. Their son, Evan, was healthy and delightful. When the couple decided they wanted a second child, Susan was happy to be their surrogate again. Contracts were signed. The miracle happened…thrice. It was the first trimester when Susan found out the co... [Read More...]

Orphans of an Angel

A tragic, but true story of Evelyn Dalton’s struggle to survive, burdened by destitution and deteriorating health. Unexpectedly, Evelyn collapses with abdominal pains and is admitted to hospital for immediate surgery. The misdiagnosis of symptoms leaves Evelyn in a coma unaware of the perilous danger she faces. At midnight, she became an Angel. Her four boys became orphans. At midnight, Evelyn became an Angel. At midnight, her four boys became Orphans.They became motherless, fatherless, h... [Read More...]

Setting Sail for Golden Harbor: A Humorous Memoir About the Final Years of Life

In this memoir, which speaks to all of us who have experienced the challenges posed by aging parents, laughter serves not only as an antidote to depressing reality but also reminds us that the deceased has lived, has amused, has warmed our hearts, and will remain alive through the memories of words said and actions taken during their life. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: In Too Deep: How an American Teen Became a Pioneer Boss of the International Drug Trade

The true story a how a young teen becomes the Boss of the Largest Marijuana Smuggling operation in US History. Being described by the Detroit Free Press as the Billionaire Boys. Living among the Rockstars and flying their Private Jets around the Globe. With money laundering and drug payouts under the protection of Panama’s General Noreiga. ... [Read More...]

Free: I Ran the World

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, WOULD YOU? In this rollercoaster true story, Chris Long describes how he staged the biggest mass participation demonstration in history, in an effort to help change the world. How he worked with rock stars, politicians, royalty, celebrities and 20 million people in 89 countries – and all before the internet and social media. He raised $35m and caused governments to change but did he really succeed? An extraordinary story of an ordinary man. ... [Read More...]