Shedding Lies: Living Beyond Childhood Trauma

Imagine a girl from small-town America experiencing several tragedies in her life. From these experiences, she ends up being a much stronger person who feels worthy of being loved and given love, who can affect the lives of others by sharing the gifts and lessons of healing and resilience she has learned. In her debut novel, Dr Anne Katona Linn digs deep into her past to show us how she overcame her trauma. She offers others the hope that they can go through some complicated childhood traumas, ... [Read More...]


While writing Chrysalis, my mind would, of course, return to the hospital room where I regained my life and freedom. As I strived to explain the experience, I noticed how it had changed me and set me on a better path to the rest of my life. This unusual experience, though difficult, improved how I react, and accept many good and not so wonderful things to come. If I were to meet you and take your hand, if at that moment I could give this learning to you, how glad it would make me! I extend this... [Read More...]

Free: Stop Fear and Anxiety: Secrets to Easily Break Free from Fear and Obtain Happiness with Simple, Powerful Steps That Will Produce Results in Less Than 1 Year!

Have you always been overwhelmed on how to overcome fear and really want to take control over your life? If yes, this book is for you! This book, How to Stop Fear and Anxiety, exhaustively addresses how to break the cycle of fear and take total control over your life. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Virtual Bridge: How to Connect Remote Teams with Responsibility and Accountability

Build the bridge with those working remotely or considering are considering a blended workplace. Hire the right people, onboard them to set the stage for success, and develop a scorecard to keep on track Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mental Toughness For Teens: 2 Books In 1 – 5 Minutes a day Hack To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed in Life, Sports, and School

2 Books In 1 Compilation Book 1: Mental Toughness For Teens: Harness The Power Of Your Mindset and Step Into A More Mentally Tough, Confident Version Of Yourself! Book 2: Mental Toughness For Teens: How To Develop A Resilient Mind, Character, And Personality Away From Fear, Stress, And Anxiety! Packed with helpful advice and exercises to help you develop a strong sense of self-confidence and resilience. With this guide, you’ll learn how to manage stress, stay positive in tough times, set ... [Read More...]

Meeting the Shadow, Finding Your Self

Your personal shadow is a treasure trove of profound wisdom. Meeting the Shadow, Finding Your Self will help you to work with the numinous darkness of your psyche. Read this book and learn how to transform lineage patterns, find your authentic voice and reclaim disowned energy, so that you can align with your purpose, recharge your vitality, and bring all your creative gifts to light. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Secrets of Stress Management: Find Out What You’ve Been Missing and Avoid Burnout

Here’s what you need to know before you’ve burned out being a superwoman: Are you stretched thin by your family obligations? Have your work responsibilities recently become too much to handle? Are you exhausted from living up to everyone else’s expectations of you? If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then you are pushing too hard to live up to your image of a “superwoman.”This constant hustle is putting tremendous stress on you, leading you toward burnout. Deloitte’s W... [Read More...]

Free: Spirit Embraced: A Guiding Memoir for a Life Authentic and Free

2019 Silver Winner – Nautilus Book Awards – “Better Books for a Better World” It is time to let go of all that holds you back from radiating your brilliance into the world. It is time to surrender all the old habits and mindsets that have constricted you, made you smaller than who you really are. As you release all that does not support your growth and healing, space will open up allowing you to stretch towards your most authentic and free self.”Even from a young age Kim C... [Read More...]