Kingdom Within: The Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit

Discover the Divine Spark Within: Journey to Personal and Spiritual Transformation Within the pages of Kingdom Within: The Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit, lies an invitation to embark on a life-changing journeya voyage that delves deep into understanding the essence, presence, and unfathomable power of the Holy Spirit. This book is not just a guide; it is a beacon that lights the path to exploring the profound relationship between humanity and divinity, illuminating the heart of spirit... [Read More...]


In THE DISCIPLE: What It Means to Follow Jesus, author Andy Ripley invites readers into a deeper understanding of what it truly means to follow Jesus Christ. Drawing from personal experience and the teachings of Christ, Ripley shares practical insights and wisdom that are sure to inspire and challenge readers. Through biblical lessons, Ripley explores the importance of surrendering control to God, developing a heart of humility, and living a life of radical obedience. He also delves into the ro... [Read More...]

Buddha is a Greeter at Walmart: Using Zen in Everyday Life

A #1 Amazon Best Seller in Zen Buddhism! — The idea is simple: everyday items and situations as sources of Zen insight. From a junk drawer to a butterfly. From Ginger Rogers to Colonel Mustard. We’re surrounded by items and situations which teach Zenif we just take the time to see. Zen is a perfect antidote to the noise and untruths of daily life. Yet for many people, Zen is something that requires rigorous study, years of solitary meditation, dressing in odd garb, and quoting Buddh... [Read More...]

Free: PERILOUS TIMES: The Degrading Character of The Last Days

Perilous Times: The Degrading Character of The Last Days by Andy Ripley is a thought-provoking book that sheds light on the deteriorating moral and spiritual fabric of society in the last days as prophesied in the Bible. In this captivating book, Ripley examines the challenges facing Christians in a world that is rapidly turning its back on God. With great depth of insight, the author presents a faithful exposition of II Timothy 3:1-5, which accurately reflects the moral decay, social unrest, a... [Read More...]

Reawaken Wonder: Discover joy in the beauty of the everyday

“Reawaken Wonder” encourages those overwhelmed but hopeful, to rediscover the magic of wonder through stories and simple steps. Kelsey guides you from daily chaos to magical moments, helping you cherish old wonders and find new ones. Learn to prioritize, seek, receive, and share wonder to enhance your life. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pray Wait Trust

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball and you find yourself struggling to comprehend the present, never mind the future? When God appears to be silent, nothing seems to be changing, and you feel stuck? Simon shares some key principles from his personal story, to help us navigate those in-between seasons with hope and expectation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Play Dumb & Sabotage

Discover how to enhance language development in young children, whether they’re typically developing, late talkers, or have special needs. This book provides practical strategies and insights to help you confidently support and foster language skills, offering guidance on creating opportunities for language practice in everyday activities and teaching you to balance anticipation of a child’s needs to encourage their communication growth. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]