Your Costly Blood Covenant -Discover the Riches of Your Relationship with God

When many believers think about their relationship with God, some wonder, “is there anything more to a lifestyle of faith than short prayers and Sunday morning sermons?” The answer is yes and it’s found in one of the most important truths in any believer’s life – your blood covenant relationship with God! Today you can discover the riches of your eternal and unbreakable blood covenant with God that will transform your life and empower you to prosper. $8.49 on Kindle... [Read More...]

Free: About a Relationship

This book is filled with one hundred and eleven daily devotional short-stories about someone who is invisible. Sometimes though, for unknown reasons, he will reveal his hidden presence. Written as a novel, these stories about the author’s life are based on true events, which will have you hunger for more. This book is a new-release, and preceded by an earlier successful publication, titled “About a Gardener.” ... [Read More...]

Unto the Altar of God

This new coming-of-age book describes a teenage boy’s struggles to persevere in a rigorous Catholic seminary amid nagging personal doubts, the turmoil of the 1960s and revolutionary changes in the Catholic Church triggered by the Second Vatican Council. Adding to these challenges is the boy’s growing attraction to a girl who attends a convent school. $3.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

30 Days with Joseph: Insights from Joseph’s Spiritual Journey for Yours (A Devotional)

For 13 years Joseph’s life went from bad to worse. Slave. Alleged rapist. Prison convict. Yet Joseph never whined or complained. He didn’t get angry or depressed. In fact, when he had the chance to take revenge, he chose mercy, grace, and generosity instead. How did he do it? You’ll find answers in 30 Days with Joseph. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Stop Praying and Get Answers

ARE YOU STILL PRAYING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE PRAYER? Many do not know the things they must pray about and the things to get answers for. Whiles many are praying for answers to prayer, others are getting the answers to prayer. In this book, you will learn what to pray about and what not to pray about. You will learn how to pray about the things you are not getting answers to. Most importantly you will learn how to get answers and results. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Your Costly Blood Covenant – Discover The Riches of Your Relationship with God

This book is about the blood covenant relationship that every Christian has with God. It is an unbreakable, eternal bond that allows every believer to know God intimately and experience a glorious and powerful life. It reveals how the blood covenant is the foundation for everything in the Bible and that the Bible is not a book of mere religious doctrine, but rather a collection of covenant promises that He will always perform to every believer. $9.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: 7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy

Do you want a better prayer life? Need more joy in your heart? Wish you felt closer to God? In this short action guide, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, sets out a quick seven-day plan to help you revitalize your walk with God. 7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy is an easy-to-follow workbook that can lead you to become the better Christian you want to be. You’ll discover: –Seven powerful concepts that can motivate you on your faith journey and help ... [Read More...]

Seeing Beyond The Natural

Miraculous physical healing, breakthroughs, and spiritual warfare. Find out what truly matters to The Most High and what exactly ushers in His Favor. Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever wondered about the fine line that exists between this life as we know it and what lies beyond? ‘Seeing Beyond The Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God’ is a revolutionary book that will change your mind, change your perspective… change your life! You will never be the same a... [Read More...]

30 Days with Joshua: Inspiration from Joshua’s Spiritual Journey for Yours (A Devotional)

30 Days with Joshua traces Joshua’s character development, the challenges he overcame, and the courageous faith that spurred him to take risks that scared him. In devotional format, it will give you something to chew on every day for a month as God shapes your character, shows you how to overcome your challenges, and builds a courageous, uncompromising faith in you. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]