Free: Rise of the Sons

Ali McMillian almost drowned. It wasn’t an accident either; a creature emerged from the lake and dragged her under. If it hadn’t been for Leigh Hart, it might have succeeded. Now, beasts are stalking her from the shadows. Thrust into a world where magic exists, she discovers the terrifying horrors which go bump in the night are real. Ali needs to uncover the truth before one of them succeeds in killing her. Someone wants her dead, but why? ... [Read More...]

The Exiles: A Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure

For 17-year-old Saphy, an orphan hailing from the chaotic city of Crisium, there is no choice. The 2249 graduation is imminent and the draft is mandatory for all Lunariians. If Saphy isn’t recruited by one of the seven Guild corporations, she’ll be shipped to the deadly solar mines. The Fortuna corporation dominates on the dark side. For 134 years, they’ve guarded the spatial rifts between Terran and Lunarii, ever since the Reckoning that decimated their planet, and the exile that ... [Read More...]

Breathing Fire

Fiercely strong Andie and her genius brother Dylan are mysteriously transported into a primitive world. Their Valekin hosts think they were sent by the Gods in order to bring peace, but the Gods are not what they seem and their mission is impossible. It will take all of Andie’s fighting skills and Dylan’s considerable intelligence for them to stay alive long enough to find their way home. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Shaman of Westhouse

Considered the only land in existence by many of the folk who live there, Ahki is a place full of wildness and danger, where people tend to journey only as far as their daily life requires. When a young farmer from the small village of Westhouse must venture out to find his missing father, his world suddenly expands in ways he never imagined. Accompanied by his best friend, Elan, and a mysterious shaman named Bagsh, Arnell’s quest takes him deep into the heart of Ahki, where he encounters wer... [Read More...]

Free: Blood of the Lily

Triplet sisters, one dead, one kidnapped. A vengeful leprechaun and a scheming goddess. Can Lily save her last sister? Whether she believes it or not, leprechauns are real, and in Lugh she has made an unfortunate enemy. Contending with her past grief, Lily races to save Rose from the deranged whims of an unscrupulous faery and find out what, or who, is behind this mysterious turn of events. Weaving lore, light, and the lush beauty of the Irish language into the wintery landscape of a mystical I... [Read More...]

Free: Raze vs Snatchers: Book One in the Raze Warfare Series

An LGBTQ+ action romance series that packs a punch…“Razes, Razes, everywhere…..snatchers, snatchers all beware…” Hato’s gang must go up against an underground system trading in the lives of youths, or risk losing the kid brother of their group forever. Kiddo prefers to be a wallflower. But being a ten out of ten on a looks scale makes that impossible…Especially when snatchers are out to find and sell the most aesthetically pleasing, most vulnerable youths they can ... [Read More...]