Free: Bad Habit

A woman with a very dark past has entered the Order of the Holy Sisters to find peace from the demons that haunt her. She was earlier involved in an unsolved murder at a liquor store. While saying her nightly prayers, she is consumed by a destructive urge concerning the one person who could identify her. Even though there’s only the remotest possibility he would know of her whereabouts, she doesn’t want to leave it to chance. She takes a leave of absence to hunt him down. Free on Ki... [Read More...]

Free: For Justice

A GRIZZLY MURDER. Mitch Turner’s client has been charged with murdering the next-door neighbor of his girlfriend. There is little physical evidence against him. TWO WITNESSES TESTIFY AGAINST THE ACCUSED. It is only because of the word of two witnesses that charges have been brought against the client. These witnesses knew the victim. The client did not. IT IS MITCH TURNER’S LAST CHANCE FOR JUSTICE. Mysteriously, Mitch Turner’s trial notebook disappears. He is forced to handle the trial wi... [Read More...]

Evil: Finding St. Germaine

The Big Easy Isn’t Through Yet At home in Virginia at Wyndey Farm, Alex quietly awaits the birth of her baby until a stat call from Crescent City Medical Center demands her return. Several days later Alex, a target of the hospital killer, fights for her life, as St. Germaine murders and maims everyone in his path, including those close to Alex. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Gabriel Wolfe Thrillers (12 book series)

He’s ex-SAS and still fighting his country’s enemies…and his own demons Meet Gabriel Wolfe. His SAS career came to an end when a covert mission in Africa was betrayed. He lost a good friend in the firefight and, suffering from PTSD, resigned his commission six months later. Now he works for his old CO, Don Webster as a government troubleshooter in a covert ops outfit called The Department. As Don puts it, ‘The job’s pretty easy, Old Sport. You find trouble. And you shoot ... [Read More...]

Free: The Witch’s Handbook to Hunting Vampires

Andie Taylor is your average single mom. She’s got a beautiful toddler, a great job at the local preschool, a neurotic best friend and one huge secret—she used to hunt vampires. Now retired, Andie would much rather be wiping kid snot off her clothes than stalking the undead. But after a meteor rips through her small town, strange things start happening—like the school janitor is found dead with fang marks in his neck. Andie’s retired, it’s not her problem. Until vampires a... [Read More...]

Redemption Song

A contrived court case saw vital evidence withheld from his defence team resulted in him convicted to spend a large period of his life behind bars for crimes he was not guilty of committing. Jake Martin found himself driven into a fight to try and clear his name and earn his freedom. In amongst his attempts he was forced into an almost daily fight for his life. Due to his perceived celebrity status from his former life he became the target of many an inmate determined to make a name for themsel... [Read More...]

Leif J. Erickson Thriller Bundle: Time Vacation – Hidden Trails – Cerrado – Beta Troops

Hidden Trails In the depths of the forest, along the hidden trails, the girls find an abandoned city with a strange orphan girl living there. After her parents died the teenager ran away to the city and began work to fix up some of the buildings. She agrees to help Jennifer and her friends find the guys but as they begin the search, the girls realize that something far more sinister is being hidden in the forest. One by one, the girls discover what happened to the guys, and learn that some thin... [Read More...]

Bolder Cursed

An Australian ghost town becomes the setting for a blockbuster movie production. A demon embeds itself into the cast and screen. Will Bolder stop the poltergeist and save the town from the cursed production? When the town of Silverton, synonymous for making blockbuster movies, becomes the setting for a horror production of the movie “Cursed,” a lead actor falls foul to unexplained events and dies. The film is possessed by an evil poltergeist embedded into the casting and Bolder is u... [Read More...]

Free: They Laughed at Me

Jack Lively is an amateur open-mic-night schlock comedian—but there’s nothing funny about his life. He has drinking problems, hooker problems, legal problems, and wife problems. Despite all this, he’s willing to risk everything except his life on the woman he thinks he loves. But how far will he really go to get what he wants? Is he willing to murder his wife? Is the darker side of his comedy act really him? In the end, it could be that Jack doesn’t know Jack. ... [Read More...]

Free: Atlantis Stolen

A civilization stolen from the history books. A billionaire’s obsession to unlock its secrets. A brotherhood determined to hide the truth. And time is running out. Only a handful of people know what destroyed the ancient Atlanteans, whose very existence is a secret that they will kill to protect. Unfortunately, the very same catastrophe that destroyed that once proud civilization is drawing near once more. The question is, can marine biologist Sam Reilly discover the truth in time to prevent ... [Read More...]