Free: Red and Black

Dawn Takahashi’s been a fan of superheroes for years. So when granted powers of her own, she dives right in. Her first challenge is Faultline. He’s powerful, smart, and standing in her way. But under the mask, Faultline is Alex Gage. And Dawn and Alex have a date next week. What’s a fangirl to do when she unknowingly falls for her nemesis? ... [Read More...]

Fire Whispers Among the Shadows

In a world inhabited only by animals, one fierce feline was chosen as Guardian to protect the lands from a dark presence. As Aiesha fulfills her calling, she discovers that she has powers never before imagined—powers that may be the key to saving the lands, as well as her lifelong best friend. But will it be enough? Can Aiesha realize her true destiny and defeat the evil that has invaded their lands? Or will her friends perish in the darkness? $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: The Awakening Series: Mutts Like Me (1 – 3)

Three young women – each with unique gifts, each one a “Mutt” discovering secrets of her past. Secrets that involve an ancient, advanced race who used genetic manipulation to create—and enslave—every supernatural creature known to mankind. Those masters put themselves into stasis before a world-wide catastrophe, appointing only a few of their creations and “Mutt” offspring as Watchers to awaken them when the earth was habitable again. They never expected those ... [Read More...]

The Awakening (The Immortal Wizards, Book 1)

The world as you know it is a lie. For over a century, the mystic Wall has kept the magical society hidden from human eyes, guaranteeing peace and equality between humans and wizards. But in the shadows a war for supremacy rages. Jennifer Danvers is a wizard. When her friend and comrade-in-arms dies, a new heir to magic awakens in Alexander Kent, whom she must introduce to the world of magic. Neither of them suspects that the balance of light and darkness is out of control. An ancient evil is ri... [Read More...]

Rune Knight

Power. Responsibility. Expectation. But can Darg save the realm he swore to protect? A new evil plagues Rhineland. In the north, caravans are attacked and villages disappear overnight. While in the south, crime is rising and murder is now commonplace. As a newly appointed Knight, Darg is given his first solo quest: to find an old man who hasn’t been seen in decades. For someone who struggled in his studies and barely passed his trials he’s eager to prove he’s worthy of his title. Finding ... [Read More...]

Free: The Never Ending War

Girl meets dragon. Girl works to befriend dragon. A large, red, dangerous dragon. Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying. Mix in starting at Fowler Academy as a first year, becoming a stronger mage and oh… people disappearing. It’s all adding up to typical teenager stuff for a young mage. First lesson Raven will learn? Don’t ever let anything come between a girl and her dragon. Start the adventure with Warmage: Unexpected! ... [Read More...]

Solstice Of The Heart

A maligned and shamed teenager transforms into our planet’s only hope of salvation. “The Solstice book series is nothing like I have ever enjoyed reading before. The story of Jules from her humble beginnings to her foretold end is inspiring. Fans of Stephanie Meyer will immediately want to dive into this series. This book is a great read at twilight or dawn or midday. There is the potential aspect that the story could be only akin to Bobby stepping out of the shower. The reader will hav... [Read More...]

New Dominion

Bad choices bred his dark afterlife. Secretly righting wrong might secure his redemption… or his ultimate doom. Underworld double agent Gabe Gantry can’t stop screwing up. But trying to commit covert good deeds from inside Hell is a devilishly tricky balancing act. Especially when his latest agency gig sends him Topside for something suspiciously non-Satanic. Being a double agent in the Underworld is never simple, but a gig that doesn’t involve preventing the next apocalypse would be a br... [Read More...]