Free: Grim Knights (The Grim Chronicles – Book One)

A wacky magical adventure intended for young adult fans of Harry Potter, Narnia, & LOTR. Book one introduces Howl, the boy wizard, on a knight’s quest to save his mountain home from war. Aided by talking animals and elemental magic, he enlists brave allies from the land of men and dwarfs. Together, they find love and friendship, while facing fiery dragons and fighting heroic battles on land, sea, and air. The story also includes chapter illustrations of scenes and characters. $0.00 on... [Read More...]

Free: How Misunderstandings Made a Demon Lord

In a world with no cities, where elves, dwarves, humans, demons, and all others, live in small settled villages or as wandering tribes, the first city to rise is to them what Gods are to ants. Spreading like a flood, only rumors carried by wanderers survive to warn those who are not yet swept away by nightmare, but in a world where nothing ever changes, who would believe it? Who? Until it was too late, nobody. Nobody but the survivors, and Sadrahan is a survivor. The lone adult to escape along ... [Read More...]

Free: The Mist

“The mist that fell over the land of Batu wasn’t cool, nor soft, nor light. It wasn’t gentle or ephemeral, evaporating with the rising sun. It was heavy, hot and dark. Oh so very dark. It didn’t drop gently into the valley. It crept and crawled and clawed its way up the mountainside, engulfing plants, enveloping animals and entrapping people. And when children wandered in its way, it slithered down their throats and into their hearts and stole their very souls, leaving o... [Read More...]

Free: Before Legacy: Armond

Armond: A dark demon kidnapped me when I was two years old and thrust me into a nightmare of living hell. My uncle hates me and no matter what he does to me, I heal in three days. I don’t know why or know what I am. My tormentors say I am a monster. I never would have known love if it wasn’t for my friends––true friends who are more like brothers and would do anything to protect me. On my fourteenth birthday, I sprouted wings, and my world turned upside down. I’m not human... [Read More...]

Blightmage: A Progression/Cultivation Epic (Kataklysm Book 1)

Embrace the (B)light…It has been fifty years since the sun died over Ashathar. Blaike was born in the blight. As one of the “touched” he is devoid of power. He is forbidden from following the Lightweaver Path. The “touched” still serve the brightlands, working the mines to extract sunstone; to deliver it to the Lightweavers, the saviors, preservers, and rulers of Ashathar. The largest sunstone ever extracted from the mines has been found. It could empower the brigh... [Read More...]

The Last Lumenian

Lilla’s life is not what she imagined it to be. Her mother’s death causes her father–the king–to lose touch with reality, even taking a much younger bride. And now everyone is paying the price. Lilla finds comfort only in her best friend Glenna, a servant, and Arrov, a handsome pilot and fellow rebel. But the arrival of Callum–a powerful Teryn general–complicates Lilla’s life. His undeniable presence leads to conflicted feelings and friction with Arrov.... [Read More...]