Rustle of the Leaves: Forest Reflections

Poetic reflections of the forest come to life in this anthology of the outdoors writing from the author. The collection includes three books of poetry: ‘Whisper the Wind’, ‘Northern Woods’ & ‘Hawthorn & Hyacinth’. Trapper tales and woodsman lore throw dashes of humor to repose the wistful musings from the forest floor. Profound as in ‘No Cringe’, and the sparkle of color as in ‘Trembling Flutter’, the reader will experience the variety of life and magic from within t... [Read More...]

The Bells of Eastertide

It is 750 A.D. For two years, King Edbert of Northumbria has yearned for a simpler life: a life of penance and prayer. But can he live the life of a saint and still save his kingdom from civil war – or will his new life cause one? The Bells of Eastertide is a thrilling novel of lust, murder, and an epic Dark Age power struggle. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Forbidden Inheritance

After Larry Cooper helps a neighbor, a simple question makes him doubt his true identity. Is his family really his family? His parents aren’t talking. In fact, it starts to seem like no one but Larry wants to find out the truth. What is his family hiding? With nothing left to lose, he digs into a past that he should have seen all along. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

CITY OF PROMISES: An Atmospheric Romance of Mexico City’s Golden Age

A fantastic setting for this wonderfully written, memorable sweep through time, history, and the search for what love really means. She’s a headliner showgirl star who knows all about the perils of glamour and fame; he’s an ambitious young entrepreneur with fine-tuned plans for his future. She is lust after by every privileged politico in the country and adept at fending most of them off. He is so consumed by his work, he didn’t even know who she was. That’s what Meche l... [Read More...]

Princess of Independence

Princess Cristina Trivulzio possessed all the gifts that one attributes to the child whose cradle was surrounded by good fairies.” – Childhood Friend Caroline Jaubert Princess of Independence is an empowering Historical Fiction novel based on the life of the influential Italian noblewoman Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso, who was a staunch supporter of the Italian Revolution of 1848 and women’s rights, and close friend of important European writers and musicians Alexis de Tocquev... [Read More...]

Princess of Independence

Princess Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso is a forgotten figure of the Italian Revolution Born into a family of nobility, Belgiojoso learned at a young age what foreigners interested in ruling the Italian States could be like. She spent the rest of her life dedicated to uniting her home country and ousting those foreigners who only brought harm and discord to the country. After a failed marriage to a prince and being banished to live in Paris, Belgiojoso met many key players in the French Governme... [Read More...]

The Road to Delano

It’s 1968, and a strike by field workers in the grape fields has ripped an otherwise quiet central California town down the middle. Jack Duncan is a Delano high school senior who is on his way to earning a baseball scholarship, hoping to escape the turmoil infesting his town. His mother has kept from him the real cause of his father’s death, who was a prominent grower. But when an old friend hands Jack evidence indicating his father was murdered, he is compelled to dig deeper. This throws hi... [Read More...]


After confessing to a series of bizarre murders, a young woman galvanizes her ailing cousin into confronting a forgotten tragedy. And that’s only the prologue of author Marc Burgio’s debut novel. Spanning four decades, Falling is a sweeping yet intimate epic of love and revenge, exploring the nature of innocence, loss and the mystery of life itself, comprising a multi-genre odyssey of Neo-Noir, Dark Humor, Mystery/Suspense, LGBTQ Romance, Epistolary, Coming of Age, and Horror/Sci-fi genres.... [Read More...]

The Weaver’s Legacy

From the bestselling author of The Tide Between Us and The Memory of Music comes an epic story of the American West – The Weaver’s Legacy. 1865: Goldie O’Neill was nine years of age when she trekked across the unclaimed American West with her family to form their own Irish catholic Colony. Their new community had dreams of self-governance and prosperity far removed from the anti-Irish sentiment and prejudice of the ruling classes. They soon learned about the extremes of the American W... [Read More...]