Free: Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance (Roxton Family Saga Book 1)

One of the 20 Most Romantic Books Ever, According to BookBub Members. Inspired by real events, a secretly arranged marriage establishes a dynasty. Julian returns from exile to claim a bride he doesn’t know. But Deb is content with her independent life. Julian’s challenge is to have Deb accept him on his merit. The future of the Roxton dukedom depends upon it. ... [Read More...]

Free: Mail Order Brides of Spring Water Series (Books 1-3)

Three women who after losing everything in the Civil War, had the grit and courage to rebuild their lives by becoming Mail Order Brides. Each hoped they were doing the right thing, marrying a man they didn’t know but they didn’t have much choice. They lived with little food and wore rags for clothes. Their spirits might have been bruised but never broken. These three books are full of adventure, twists, turns and unforgettable romance. ... [Read More...]

When Valleys Bloom Again

As war approaches in 1939 Abby Stapleton’s safety is under threat. Her father, a British diplomat, insists she go back to America until the danger passes. Abby vows to return to her home in London—but where is home? With her family facing mortal danger so far away and feeling herself isolated, she finds it hard to pray or read the Bible. Did she leave God behind in war-torn London too? Then Abby becomes friendly with Jim, a gardener on her uncle’s estate. Jim can’t get Abby out of his m... [Read More...]

The Code Breakers Series: Holiday Romances

Tis the Season of love and hope; spies and intrigue! Enter the emotional, suspenseful Regency world of USA Today bestselling author Jacki Delecki’s Code Breakers spy series. Undaunted by danger or scandal, these intrepid lords and ladies discover true love as they risk it all to save England from Napoleon’s treacherous designs. This boxed set contains the Christmas romances of the series: books 2, 7, and 8. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Brides of Little Creede

WANTED: Men and women, brave and resourceful enough to make a better life for themselves—and their loved ones—in the brand-new state of late-nineteenth-century Colorado. If you like your romance spicy, don’t miss this award-winning Historical Western series! In the later 1800s, the silver mining craze easily caught up to the level of frenzy gold fever had already created, and men flocked to the Colorado Territory to try their luck at staking a mine and making a fortune. Colorado reach... [Read More...]

Free: A Promise for Christmas

A Promise, A Blizzard, and a Secret Wish. Aiylin Miller is content working for her father in his workshop and secretly composing her music, but the Lord has other plans. Sebastian Becker is visiting his mother for Christmas with his six-year-old daughter. He promised her a magical holiday, but he has no idea that the blizzard is blowing in more than snow. Six-year-old Tinley has a plan. With some help from her Grandmother and a magical lantern all her wishes are about to come true. $0.99 on Kin... [Read More...]

Fortune’s Folly

Eden Fitzgerald marries, not for love or money, but to persuade her influential in-laws to obtain her father’s release from a contrived prison sentence. Cleverly evading those who believe she, like her father, is a smuggler and Fenian collaborator, Eden does what she can, what she must to achieve her goal. When legal methods are exhausted, she dons a mask, carries a pistol and, using her wiles, wits, even her seductive beauty, robs wealthy citizens to amass enough money to arrange her father... [Read More...]

Imperiled by a Lady’s Love

True love overlooks all imperfections… Sophia Whitfield is the only daughter of The Viscount Glenthorpe. She hasn’t had an easy time these last three years since the tragic loss of her mother. Her first London Season a year ago was a failure and she is approaching spinster age. When she encounters the roguish Marquess of Somersworth she feels a host of butterflies in her stomach. But can she trust her heart with the roguish gentleman? Colin Easton, The Marquess of Somersworth, has d... [Read More...]