Free: Under My Mask

What secrets do wives and husbands mask from each other? The Mask Series by Anne Sherril explores how far a wife will go with a friend she knew before married. This first book of the series, Under My Mask the wife next door has something to confess to her husband she has kept secret under her sweet mask for years. How he reacts may determine whether she goes down the path to becoming a hot wife….or not. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden (Death Dealers MC 1)

Gage Hunter is the one man Raven shouldn’t want. He’s older, and the president of a motorcycle club, but how can she resist the hot, dirty-talking biker when he awakens things in her she’s never felt before? With danger lurking in every corner, can Gage protect the woman who means more to him with each passing day? ... [Read More...]

Bedded by the Blacksmith

The blacksmith’s brand has healed on Marina’s tender flesh. However, each day that she fails to feel his touch is making Marina question whether she can continue her marriage of convenience with a marquess who is kept by his mistress. Continued pressure to produce an heir is straining the marital bond. Will the marquess look the other way while a younger man plants the seed of life in Marina? Or will she be caught in the middle of a dangerous game to determine whether a brand is stronger th... [Read More...]

Stealing Candy: A Reverse Harem Romance

Stuck working Sleepy Hollow’s Oktoberfest in upstate NY wasn’t much fun, until a trio of gorgeous blond vikings burst into my life. Sure they were wearing Halloween costumes, but why shouldn’t that just add to the fun? Crisp autumn days. Cozy nights by the fire. Working the Halloween holiday season wasn’t all bad, until my friend left me house-sitting a strange cottage all alone, in a legendary old town. Enter my three handsome saviors, ripped and gorgeous, all fighting ... [Read More...]

Flesh Fiction: A Compendium of Flash Fiction

Authors Mara White and Suanne Laqueur challenged a diverse and eclectic group, from international best-sellers to debut authors, to titillate on their own terms, but in 1,500 words or less. The result is a sizzling collection of flash fiction stories, dedicated to both the writers and readers who struggled with creativity in the last year. Whether you’re reading on the run, or settled in for hours, Flesh Fiction has plenty of time. Anything goes in this eclectic, inclusive compendium, and it... [Read More...]

Free: A Little Harmless Sex

She’s always been my complete opposite, and now I think she might be the one woman I need. Anna has been my best friend since grade school. Then, she was just a nuisance who followed me around. Now she’s sexy and sarcastic, and nothing like the women I usually date. Sure, more than once I’ve thought about what she might be like in bed…how her flesh might taste. It doesn’t mean I’m going to give into those desires. At least, that was before my fiancé dumped me and Anna tossed of... [Read More...]

His Hostage

Evelyn is trapped in an unhappy marriage with an impotent heir to a software fortune. One fateful night, she accidentally trades her prison for another when she catches an intruder in the act, and he takes her captive to make his getaway. Her kidnapper, Hal, was supposed to hold her hostage only until he was sure of his escape…but after things turn steamy between the kidnapper and his victim, will he ever want to release her? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Damaged Secret Enemy: A Billionaire Dad and A Single Mom Romance

Leila Sharp was stunning; I couldn’t argue that. She drew men to her like honey drew bears. I couldn’t deny she made me want her in my bed badly. She took everything from me, I will do everything to destroy her. How about seducing and humiliating her along with snatching away everything from her? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bad Intentions: A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Office Romance

She’s out to ruin her new boss’s project. He wants his sexy employee to stay in her lane. When these two enemies square off, will passion rule the day? Playing it safe after a messy divorce, assisted-living HR director Nikki Brady focuses on raising her twin boys and caring for her grandmother. But when her friends dare her to buy a hot guy a drink, sparks fly… until she finds out he’s her new boss! Eager to gain his father’s approval and cut corporate costs, Cole Myler is determined ... [Read More...]