Free: Reverse Harem Romance Box Set

MORE THAN ONE PLEASE! WHY CHOOSE? Get ready to devour these three yummy full-length novels about triple alphas sharing, all in one scorching box set! ? These alpha men are dominant and outnumber their women always. And each woman melts into a dripping puddle by a harem of alpha men. One-click now for FREE to steam up your Kindle all night long! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Steamy Side of Betrayal

The Steamy Side of Betrayal is a book within a book that tells the fictionalized story of the author’s friend, Ronnie, a thirty-something-year-old struggling writer. After overindulging in the opposite sex, he marries Lacey, a stunning, sensually charged advertising executive whose turn-on is to show off her charms to strangers. Navigating their second year together, we find the main characters from Ronnie’s attempt at writing a book, Tony, Chrissy, and the insatiable Dawn dealing with thei... [Read More...]

Lucky Number 3

When the new neighbor moves into the ramshackle cabin, they’re surprised to see it’s a woman. Why would a woman be out here in the middle of nowhere in rough country? Even from a distance, her curves in the skin-tight dress knock them flat. Seeing the piles of boxes and furniture scattered around the drive and no one else about, they decide to go and offer their services to help. After meeting Cat, they sense she’s on the run—from something or someone. Rusty and Wyatt share a close bond... [Read More...]