Stellar Harmony

Prepare for a journey where the stars align in unexpected ways. Meet Langston, an academic prodigy straddling two worlds: the rigorous confines of academia and the vibrant pulse of his urban roots. Opposite him stands Aurora, a heartbroken R&B songstress seeking solace amidst the melodies of her past. When their paths converge at an open mic night, their connection ignites with a force that defies logic. As Langston grapples with the pressures of his academic pursuits and the pull of his co... [Read More...]

Free: Watermelon Sugar

In the bustling world of event planning, Vida Montgomery thrives on independence and success. Freshly divorced and determined to conquer the conventions circuit, she never planned on meeting Marcus Blackwell, a charming body language expert whose Vegas tryst leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about love and control. As Marcus effortlessly breaks down her barriers, Vida finds herself torn between her desire for financial freedom and the magnetic pull of a second chance at lov... [Read More...]