Free: World of Engineering: Historical development, challenges and strategies in modern society

The book deals with a range of issues encouraging every engineer to exercise a holistic approach, which is based on integration of key elements such as relations and interactions between science & engineering; engineers as decision makers; uncertainties, reliability & failure prevention; responsibility and ethics; engineering and society; education of engineers in the modern era. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Osmosis: The Molecular Theory

Osmosis was discovered by J.A. Nollet in 1748. He experimented with water, wine, and a membrane from a pig’s bladder. Instead of the wine being filtered as it passed downwards through the membrane into the water, the water flowed upwards into the wine. This was totally mind boggling and has eluded solution for more than 250 years. We present the complete solution for osmosis. It includes an improved molecular model for solids, liquids, and vapor pressure. This allows a completely new view of ... [Read More...]

Trial, Error, and Success: 10 Insights into Realistic Knowledge, Thinking, and Emotional Intelligence

We make wrong decisions by “fast thinking,” to use Daniel Kahneman’s terminology from his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow.” It happens when we rely on what we know rather well and fit it like a square peg in a round hole. “Trial, Error, and Success” shows how “slow thinking” comes naturally for skeptical minds. A focus on differences between knowledge from the past and reality is all it takes to avoid overgeneralization traps. Using real-life examples, this engaging read shows h... [Read More...]

Free: Across the Trig Divide: The Book of Right Triangles

Intimidated by trigonometry? A few minutes with Selraybob and that will all go away. Sel and his friends take all that twisted-up mathematical gobbledygook that the physics folks sling and make it simple. You might find yourself calling your old math teachers and giving them the growly-voiced what’s what. “Hey!” you might say. “Sine’s just a ratio!” But be nice. They’re still math folks. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Evolution of Aging

Why do we age? This book describes new theories that propose that humans and other animals were purposely designed and genetically programmed to age because this resulted in an evolutionary advantage. This in turn suggests that aging is itself a treatable condition and that we can devise ways to generally delay aging. Print length 180 pages, illustrated, x-ray enabled. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Dig the Search for Dinosaurs

While there are many dinosaur books for kids, Dig, the Search for Dinosaurs is unique. It is not a 12-page picture book for very young children, nor is it an adult textbook. It fits perfectly between them. It is not so much about the dinosaurs themselves, but what it’s like to be out in the field. It includes the adventures of myself and friends. It’s also about how it is ok to “screw up” and not be so hard on one’s self. There is a free offer of a dinosaur bone piece for a review on ... [Read More...]