Coding for Kids 5 Books in 1: Javascript, Python and C++ Guide for Kids and Beginners

Coding for Beginners: 5 Books in 1 Get our best 5 books at the same time Book 1: Coding for Kids in C++ Book 2: Coding for Kids in JavaScript Book 3: Coding for Teens in JavaScript Book 4: Coding for Beginners and Kids in Python Book 5: Coding for Teens in Python Here’s what sets us apart for the others: Books written by a professional tutor and engineer Well laid and easy to follow for younger students Activities are exciting and interesting, with plenty of coding games Great introductor... [Read More...]

51 Unique Python Projects For Developers

Are you looking for python projects to excel in your career, You are at the right place!! This Book consist of 51 Unique Python Projects for developers or student to practice different projects and scenarios. Use these learnings in professional tasks or daily learning projects. At the end of this book, you can download all this projects by using our link. All 51 projects are divided into different modules, every project is special in its own way of performing daily task by a developer. Every pr... [Read More...]

Free: SQL

Do you want to learn good coding techniques quickly and easily? Are you looking for a dynamic programming language that will do everything you need? This book provides all the information in one handy place! SQL, or Structured Query Language, is an essential tool for developers who are coding in any computer language and it is perfect for programming and managing data. As a beginner, you probably want something that is easy to use. With SQL: 2 books in 1 – The Ultimate Beginner and Interm... [Read More...]

Free: C#

Do you want to learn C# programming language? Do you want to expand your knowledge and take it to the next level? This is the book to get you there! There are many computer programming languages available nowadays that it might be difficult to choose. Of course, C# is only one of them, but if you already have a basic understanding of its potential, building on that seems like the obvious next step. With C#: 2 books in 1 – The Ultimate Beginner and Intermediate Guides To Mastering C# Progr... [Read More...]

Python Programming: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Master Python Programming Step-by-Step with Practical Exercises

Do you want to learn good coding techniques quickly and easily? Are you looking for a dynamic programming language that will do everything you need? This book provides all the information in one handy place! Since it was first conceived and released in the early 1990’s, Python has become a favourite computer programming language that has been used by millions. It was designed to be simple to use and easy for beginners who were looking to get started with their own computer programming journey... [Read More...]

Evernote: A Success Manual for College Students

You can use Evernote in all aspects of college life to make your experience more productive and less overwhelming. In Evernote: A Success Manual for College Students, Stan Skrabut capitalizes on his decades of experience in higher education as an educator and student to share ways you can use Evernote to become more successful in college. In this book, you’ll learn: How Evernote works to keep you more organized How to create master course notes How to take your research to the next level How ... [Read More...]

Python Programming

Are you looking to learn machine learning step-by-step? If you want to learn machine learning with Python, don’t miss this guide! We introduce machine learning concepts in an easy-to-understand way, for the intermediate level. Get a copy to Learn Python Machine Learning today and start your new adventure now! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Coding for Kids in C++: Learn to Code with Amazing Activities, Games and Puzzles in C++

Are you looking to teach children how to code? Or are you looking to start coding? This book on beginner C++ is the answer. For the last couple of years, the news keeps talking about the digital economy and how everyone needs programmers. It seems like everyone wants to learn how to code. However, it is not that easy. Coding is a skill and like any skill it takes time to learn. Like any skill, the younger you start; the better you get. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Coding Interview Insights

If you’re a computer programmer or coder who constantly messes up at interviews and has trouble landing the job of your dreams, then read on: This book could change your life—and move your career into top gear! Interviews are never easy. And if you’re applying for a coding job, the interview process is harder than most. Not only do you have to answer all those tricky questions about yourself and why you want the role, but you could be asked to come up with complex algorithms on the spot o... [Read More...]