The Princess and the Plumber in Beast to Beauty

Tundra has a problem. As a princess, she is under pressure from her parents, the King and Queen of Parking-Lot, to wed. Unfortunately, she happens to be the largest and ugliest girl in the land. She meets Olaf, a huge oaf, who becomes her friend. Her father, out of desperation, enlists the help of his mediocre magician to come up with a solution. A beauty potion fails miserably putting Tundra in a deep sleep, like Sleeping Beauty, except with none of the beauty. Each day she wastes away while t... [Read More...]

Free: The Royal Riposte

It would never happen – or so we think – but is it really that unlikely? We live in a world where Netflix makes lavish dramas about the current royal family, whilst Prince Harry and Meghan continue to indulge us with tell-all interviews, articles, biographies and documentaries. So what if Oprah gave William and Kate the opportunity to tell their sides of the story and – against all the odds – they agreed? These are the fictional transcript of that unlikely, yet highly be... [Read More...]

Free: Mama Said

Do you know the difference between Caterwaulin’ and Cattywampus? Or maybe you’re thinking of Catty-corned? Did you know you can use a spider web on a wound to stop bleeding? Just make sure the spider ain’t still on it. Do you know how to make Buckeyes? If you answered NO to these questions, then you need this book! So many people are moving to the South every day, and to fit in, or at least understand us, you need to learn how to talk right. Mama Said is a fun and fascinating look at Sout... [Read More...]

Free: Every Which Way But Home: Prequel to Mutt to Megastar series

Jolted from his cozy life on an ill-fated trip, Barney becomes a stray dog and is thrown into the unfamiliar world of the Dog Pound. Now he must use his wits and his ‘smarts’ to survive this hostile environment. Can he learn to use the system under the guidance of Charlie, an ancient scarred Blue Heeler who takes him under his paw? Or will it be “Bye, bye Cruel World” with Doc Soper’s needle? It’s the humorous, yet touching, prequel to Amazon Bestseller Reali... [Read More...]

Free: Wagging the Dog: A Rescue Dog’s Funny Story

Celebrity dog Elliott fears he’ll be sent back to the Dog Pound when he is fired from his starring role as a pirate dog in the dog food TV Ad campaign. Will he end up being a one-hit wonder? You’ll laugh all the way as Elliott digs deep to learn some risky new skills and tricks, but can he save the day and his doggie career? The drama goes right down to the wire on a sunny, Aussie Christmas Eve. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Confessions of a Chihuahua: Memoir of an Amazing Dog

Brand New Release! What happens when a southern belle, musical sensation, narcissist, and quick temper all live in the adorable body of one tiny dog? Enter our heroine Khaki. Publicly photographed by a beanie clad teen, Khaki hurries to complete her tell-all book in order to save her reputation before the impending tabloid and social media storm. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Tales of American Idiocy

America has entered an Age of Idiocy. Worse, few Americans realize it. It is with this sad and somewhat humorous reality in mind that I wrote this book. I hope that by reframing American Idiocy using the animal kingdom and the supernatural realm, I might help wake America from the mass formation psychosis in which she has found herself and lead her back to wisdom and freedom. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]