Free: Mount Rainier National Park Photo Hiking

Join Debbie & Anthony on their Photo Hiking trek through Mount Rainier National Park. This less than 30-minute short read is a chronological photographic recap of their trek across this beautiful National Park as a mid-50’s couple. They provide tips, tricks, and lessons learned from their 44+ National Parks visited during their middle-aged years with the hope it will make your National Park experience more enjoyable. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?: A True Tale of Being Lost in the Hi-Desert

I recall looking down at my feet, then to the right and left before saying out loud: “Dear God, I’ve lost the trail!” Hell, not only was there no pathway of any kind, but as far as I could see, there were no aluminum cans or punctured helium birthday balloons. This recount of a horrifying ordeal takes you along with me on a perilous thirty hour Hi-Desert hike during which you will experience every known human emotion; from anticipation to desperation, to the redemption one can... [Read More...]

Pickleball for Beginners Part II – Level Up to Intermediate. Get Off the Beginner Treadmill and Master the Skills of a Competitive Intermediate Player

PICKLEBALL FOR BEGINNERS PART II: Get Off the Beginner Treadmill and Master the Skills of a Competitive Intermediate Player is a sequel to PICKLEBALL FOR BEGINNERS PART I: How to Get Started Playing Pickleball, available in a revised edition with new and edited content. See Bob’s website at for more details. Learn how to master these skills and level up from beginner to intermediate: The difference between ready positions at the NVZ and baseline Tracking the ball Making c... [Read More...]

SOL Still Our Lions: The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of Detroit and its Pro Football Team

Traversing the love, frustration, black humor, and hope routinely experienced by fans of one of the least successful teams in professional sports, SOL STILL OUR LIONS explores the striking similarities the Detroit Lions share with their home city: great successes through the 1950s, followed by decades of dramatic decline. Based on extensive research supported by scores of interviews with fans, SOL examines why we love the home team — even when they break our hearts year after year, season... [Read More...]

California Sports Astounding: Fun, Unknown, and Surprising Facts from Statehood to Sunday

You might know California’s sunny beaches and sky-high Redwoods, but do you know when California’s first mini golf course opened? Ever wondered what’s recognized as California’s official state sport, or which sports were invented within its state lines? Impress your friends, amaze your family, and even conquer your enemies on a quiz show with your sublime knowledge of every sport in the Golden State! Featuring extraordinary facts and remarkable events from football to fishing, this comp... [Read More...]

Free: Ace the Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get in Shape, and Finally Tick “Finish the Race” Off Your Bucket List

This insightful training strategy writing is full of running advice for novices and recreational athletes. Here to help in your planning and preparation is a guide through your half marathon journey – whether that’s to check it off your bucket list or if it’s to get fit. Ace The Half is an engaging book by running coach Beverly Asante Puschmann, who is a certified distance-running coach, a certified nutrition coach, and who is a half marathon runner herself. She’s sprinkled in relata... [Read More...]