Beyond Words: Making Connections That Count

Discover the Power of Genuine Connection in Every Conversation Imagine living in a world where every conversation you have is more than just an exchange of words. A world where you truly see and are seen, where the stories whispered between the lines can be heard and appreciated. Beyond Words: Making Connections that Count invites you into this world, offering a fresh perspective on the art of communication. In this enlightening guide, you’ll be taken on a journey through the intricacies ... [Read More...]

Mimsy Cum Laude

Fascinated and equally unsettled by the fleeting image of a long-ago companion and lover- demure, enigmatic Mimsy-one man seeks to recapture his memory of their relationship. As he searches for the mystifying Mimsy the details of her fractured life are unearthed: incredible treasures and tragedies revealed, more horrific than one can imagine. If not for a word unspoken and a departure, could two very different lives have lived as one? It is not just a man’s wish but an obsession, a consci... [Read More...]

Tools for Parenthood: Strategies to Support School Readiness Foundations for Young Children 0-5

Wondering what your child needs to know for school? Explore simple, daily activities using household items to give them a strong start. Can 15 minutes a day truly make a difference? The answer is “Yes”. Learn how to positively impact your child’s education. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Love’s Betrayal

It takes only a moment to say you love someone, but a lifetime of regret when they break your heart. One Christian woman’s true story and she regretted God’s warning to NOT BE unevenly yoked. Would she survive his abuse, or will her heart die trying? A young, nave girl convinces herself that her love for him would make all well. Cara wanted to be loved, while Paul took her innocence and treated her like trash. Because she loved him above all else, she ignored the warnings, excusing ... [Read More...]

Mom, Dad, Can We Talk? Helping Our Aging Parents with the Insight and Wisdom of Others

Mom, Dad…Can We Talk? is for the tens of millions of people dealing with concerns for aging parents. It is controversial, sometimes humorous, poignant, encouraging — and always helpful. The book is rich with stories of adult children who have been challenged and rewarded in this final stage of the parent-child relationship. It includes tips for initiating caring conversations like: “Mom, we’re worried about you living alone.” Sis, I need your help with all this. An... [Read More...]

The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys

The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide For Boys With 3 Exclusive Bonuses Inside! “Unlock the potential of boys with ADHD using ‘The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys’. Find expert advice, Scientific strategies, and inspiring stories to navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of raising energetic, bright children. A must-have resource for fostering resilience and joy.” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Smart Boundaries: Safe Children – A Parent’s Handbook

Shaping a World of Respect: Guarding the Innocence of Youth Embark on a transformative journey with “Smart Boundaries: Safe Children A Parent’s Handbook”, your essential guide to cultivating an environment where innocence thrives and awareness grows. Crafted by experts and distilled into practical insights, this handbook is not simply a readit’s an interactive roadmap to nurturing resilient, confident children equipped to face the complexities of the world with grace. Dis... [Read More...]

Breaking Free: Understanding and Leaving a Narcissist

Imagine a world where you’re no longer shackled by the chains of manipulation and emotional turmoil, a realm where the fog of narcissistic abuse dissipates, revealing a clear path to freedom and self-discovery. Breaking Free: Understanding and Leaving a Narcissist is your compass in navigating the complex maze of narcissistic relationships, offering insights, strategies, and hope for those seeking liberation. In the dense forest of human relationships, narcissism stands as a dark thicket,... [Read More...]

Why Women Prefer to Wipe and Men to Vacuum: Together Making Housework More Fun

Discover the Secrets to Making Housework a Shared Joy Embark on a delightful journey through the overlooked humour and camaraderie found in the most mundane of tasks housework. “Why Women Prefer to Wipe and Men to Vacuum: Together Making Housework More Fun” is a unique exploration into how couples can transform their cleaning duties from a source of contention into an opportunity for connection and laughter. With an engaging blend of historical insights, scientific revelations, and ... [Read More...]

The Effective Parent’s Guide to Preschool

Unlock the secrets to stress-free and joyful preschool preparation with “An Effective Parent’s Guide to Preschool”. This book will provide you with practical strategies to make mornings less chaotic, alleviate the stress of preschool readiness, and establish routines that foster a genuine love for learning in your little one. After reading this completely comprehensive guide for parenting toddlers, you will be able to: Enjoy Stress-Free Mornings: Streamline your routine and ma... [Read More...]