The Ghost Ship

For years, the ‘ghost ship’ – a monolithic Timberwolf starship – has been hidden from time. Now it’s about to reappear and Striker Force Raptor have been assigned to retrieve the vessel and return it to its rightful owners, once they’ve deciphered its incredibly advanced technology. But what seems like an exhilarating adventure is about to take a dangerous turn amid chance encounters with black holes, hidden planets and mysterious deaths. Striker Force Raptor have faced tough assign... [Read More...]

Silent Cries

From author Brent Seheult comes a first-hand account of abuse during his turbulent childhood as a young queer. Brent was a typical boy who just wanted to be loved and accepted, but despite his every attempt to gain their approval, his parents made him constantly aware of their dislike of him. At school, Brent tried hard to hide his bruised and battered body from watchful eyes, but he also carried with him the guilt and shame of being molested by a close female relative. After his parents’ div... [Read More...]

The Price of Safety

By 2047, no crime in the U.S. goes unsolved. No wrongdoing goes unseen. When Dray Quintero learns his 19-year-old daughter Raven committed a heinous act, he covers it up to save her life. This pits him against the police he’s respected since he was a child and places him in the crosshairs of Kieran, a ruthless federal Agent. To survive, Dray must overcome the surveillance system he helped build and the technology implanted in the brains and eyes of the citizens. Forced to turn to a domestic t... [Read More...]

The Watch on the Fencepost

This award-winning mystery/romance is the ultimate puzzle! A mysterious gold watch propels Kathryn Frasier into a quest to prove her parents’ recent deaths were not an accident. But when she solves the mystery behind the watch, she uncovers a dark family secret and stumbles onto a trail of cryptic clues that lead her into danger and romance. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Game of Love

My new boss is a jerk. A hot billionaire-with-an-Irish-accent jerk. Rumors of his criminal past are office gossip. I’m not surprised: my family’s latest gaming app was stolen by his company. I’ve gone undercover as an intern. I’m determined to stay on mission… until our lips lock. Can we be together or do we both lose this game of love? $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Sex Positions: How YOU Become Sexually Irresistible

How would it feel if you were certain you would never embarrass yourself in bed again? Imagine your level of self-confidence if you knew you weren’t going to fail. What would it mean to know you could increase your pleasure, gain self-confidence in bed, and intensify the love, trust, and lust between you and your partner? Let’s find out! ... [Read More...]