Seduced by Bear Doctor

As if I needed the bar fight to highlight just how horrible the night was going to be. I did not expect one of them to pull out a knife. And when I would have sworn things couldn’t get worse, A dreamy eyed, perfectly-toned doctor tried to take care of my wounds. I escaped him once, but fate wasn’t going to let it go. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Heimat is an epic story of emigrants leaving post-WWI Germany in 1929 for America, intending to return someday to Neisse, their Heimat, as successful American citizens. Before leaving Germany, one emigrant’s plan began unraveling in Berlin’s Bahnhof, where he saved the life of an American diplomat. His heroism created a friendship with the diplomat and the three other emigrants that sustained them through misconceptions of the American dream, the Great Depression, assimilation into American... [Read More...]

Dirty Little Secret (Daddy Knows Best Book 7)

My best friend hates me because of what I did. And for good reason… I slept with her father. The same man who employed me. Oh boy, what have I done? Brandon owns the gaming company that I was so interested in working for. My best friend, Hayley, was about to be an intern. That’s what got me through the door. And now… I regret taking the job. I regret the way I responded when Brandon touched me for the first time. I hate that I agreed to keep it a secret. Even from Hayley… especially fro... [Read More...]

Free: Falling Into Magic

An accidental journey through a magic mirror. A portal to an enchanted land. A mysterious family she never knew she had. Hayden’s life is upended with the wonder of Destiny Falls. But it is tainted by the danger that brought her here and that threatens her newfound family. Can Hayden and her sassy sidekick remove the threat, so that she can begin her magical new life in this captivating world? When Hayden was a child, she lost her cat. Adults told her the cat ran away, but she knew the tr... [Read More...]

Free: Your Ticket to the Forty Acres: The Unofficial Guide for UT Undergraduate Admissions

Stressing about your University of Texas at Austin undergraduate and other college applications? Ease your worries and increase your chances of gaining admission to your dream school with these winning tips and strategies from former UT Admissions Counselor Kevin Robert Martin. Use his inside perspective to maximize your admissions chances not just at UT but at selective universities nationwide. Put yourself in your reviewer’s shoes to better understand this complicated and uncertain process.... [Read More...]

The Dream States: A Science Fiction

In the near future, all of society is built around the virtual world areas known as The Dream States. When Kevin Altair wakes up early from his computer-generated vacation, he’s taken by a resistance group who teach him the dark secrets of this world. With ruthless, hostile government agents closing in, Kevin must train and practice a skill that only he can use, dream coding. He must master it, to have any hope of protecting the woman he has grown to love. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Unplanned Princess Complete Series Boxed Set

What is the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Ignorance can be solved if you live long enough. Zaena has been sent as an Elven emissary to learn and build a relationship with humanity. There are a few problems with that: her attitude, naivete, and ignorance. Pick up your copy of this 9-book boxed set to find out how one clueless Princess can create a bridge to save her people. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Unconditional: a secret baby box set

Princess of Zamibia (Royal Brides series, Book 1) Three years after his break up with Dahlia, Prince Kofi returns to the United States to bring his heir back to Zamibia, even if it means marrying the woman he believes betrayed him. Unforgettable (Johnson Family series, Book 1) When Ivy Johnson’s deception is revealed, it throws Lucas’s life into a tailspin and forces them to face the truth of their feelings for each other—feelings they’ve both tried in vain to forget. Fight for ... [Read More...]

Bad Boy Bachelor Summer

The lake might be cold, but this thing between us is white hot. My best friend’s little sister. You know, the one that’s off limits. And she has been since we were kids. But that ain’t saying I wasn’t looking. She’s all grown up now and hotter than sin. The lake house we all grew up at is located on a larger piece of property that I own now. And I’m looking to demolish the whole neighborhood. To say my first love and my best friend will be upset is a mild understatement. But busines... [Read More...]