The Point of a Gun

America is experiencing a dramatic increase in terrorist attacks-by jihadists, white supremacists, and Mexican cartels. In the face of these failures by the U.S. Government intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies, a group of ad hoc vigilantes has exploded onto the scene. And, surprisingly, this shadowy and deadly vigilante group appears to be led by at least one of the U.S. Government’s most senior and trusted Counterterrorism insiders. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

No Turning Back “The Rise Of No Pity”

A young man tired of dealing with the struggles of the world and fighting to make ends meet. Zo takes it into his own hands and does the impossible, by robbing one of the most notorious kingpins in Atlanta. He has opened a new gateway for his brother’s and himself. Forming and building their own empire, but will karma come back to visit them as the past meets the presents. Will the No Pity Crew prevail or will it all be lost? Read more to see what the future holds for these three young me... [Read More...]

Best Holiday Dishes for the Vegans in Your Life

Amanda Leeber’s festive holiday cookbook shows you how to incorporate nutrition-rich and delicious meals using plant-based, whole food ingredients that are better for you and still worthy of your holiday table. This easy to follow cookbook is meat and dairy-free. It includes gluten-free, paleo and freezer-friendly recipes so you can prepare these delicious meals in advance to save you time and reduce your stress during the holidays. This cookbook was designed especially for home cooks who wil... [Read More...]

A Dickens of a Crime

Meg Miller, a retired librarian, discovers a dead body during her preparations for a historic homes tour. She’s a suspect, but that doesn’t stop her from visiting the widower with a covered dish and attending the elaborate funeral in the community’s megachurch. Will she be a witness or the prosecuted in the trial of the year in her little town? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian

Julian Fox is a Dream Guardian who faces challenges both in the dream world and the real world. He must forge a closer bond with his brother, Nicholas, despite the back-and-forth antics between the two, and he must discover what true love means when his feelings for his college girlfriend begin to wane after he meets Elizabeth, the owner of a mysterious portal. Julian is put to the test when protecting Elizabeth in the dream world from villains. In his quest to understand how to protect her, Ju... [Read More...]

Nina: The Livingston Estate

Chicago businessman, Harry Schuyler, comes across a real estate ad for a robber baron’s family estate. Pictures of ‘The Livingston Estate’ include a romantic Cotswold cottage which triggers all the pain and unresolved conflict of a dark secret Harry has kept buried since his beautiful wife, Nina, was murdered fifteen years ago. The discovery leads Harry on a manic, guilt-ridden trip to the small town of Walker in the Hudson River Valley to find what answers the cottage might hold. $4.99 o... [Read More...]

His Secret Baby (The Cohan Billionaire Brothers Book One)

Adrian can’t believe that she’s back. Leah. The woman he spent a weekend with and whom he fell hopelessly in love with. Then she disappeared. For one and a half years. He knows how long it has been because he counted every single day. How dare she try to waltz back into his life after ruining all women for him? He’s determined to keep away…until he meets a gorgeous dark-eyed little boy – his son. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]