Free: 523 Hard To Believe Facts

An educational and entertaining collection of unbelievable facts! Whether you’re interested in uncovering truths about animals, history, or popular culture, you’ll be sure to learn some fascinating trivia. Which was the first country to give citizenship to a robot? Is the dark side of the Moon always dark? What is the Sismo Detector? Discover the answers to these seemingly random questions and more! Also available as an audiobook!... [Read More...]

The Secret to the Secret

The reasons why the bestselling book “The Secret” has not led us to our dreams and what we can do to actually manifest what we want and want to be. This book is a critique of the well-known best seller, “The Secret.” as well as the genre of new age in general. The book identifies why “The Secret” did not give people the results they hoped for and also identifies what “it” is and how to get it. The book will answer many questions  regarding the subject as previous titles have ... [Read More...]

Madison’s Journey

Fifteen-year-old Madison has a terrifying encounter with her mom’s boyfriend one night that leads to her mom leaving and not coming home. As the days go by with no sign of her mom, Madison struggles to keep up appearances in hopes that her mom will be home soon. She navigates two jobs, first love and first heartbreak until an act of heroism threatens to spill her secret. What will happen to her once the world knows her secret? Will her mom return to her? Will the handsome tutor that enter... [Read More...]

Free: Say Goodbye and Goodnight

Anthony Marino, a young, up-and-coming fighter, maneuvers through all the pitfalls and minefields that existed in 1977 Brooklyn. Yet beneath the harsh surface, Brooklyn offered much more. It was the time of disco, the music that liberated a generation. And through it all, Anthony found his one true love, Gia. Theirs was an epic love affair, one that drew envy and hatred. Say Goodbye and Goodnight is the story of their love for each other and the perils that waited for them behind every corner. ... [Read More...]

Free: Levee District

It is 1905, and Chicago is an open town. There are brothels, madams, opium dens, gambling joints and plenty of alcohol. With the hanging of a serial killer, police Detective Patrick Moses is suddenly without a case. Before Moses can relax, he is approached by an aging retail mogul who asks him to investigate the mysterious shooting of his son. Free to $4.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

High Risk

Six years ago, Kiera Anders resolved to put her painful past behind her, seeking a fresh start in New York. She didn’t count on her past finding her again in the form Caleb Martin – her brother’s former best friend and her first love. Now with millions to his name, a playboy reputation, and a closet full of skeletons, the cold and distant “Mr. Martin” is so different from the sweet Caleb she once knew. But some things are hard to forget, and the passion that still sizzl... [Read More...]

Wynter Of Wolves

Wynter always felt as if he didn’t belong and knowing he was adopted just made matters worse. He desperately longed to know who he was and where he came from. After his adopted father Samuel died, he decided to open a bar called Indigo’s. His life was just beginning to settle into a predictable routine; that is until destiny walked into his bar. Alarick, Marrok and Lupin were a part of a world unknown to the humans. They were Shifters; sworn to protect the human race. Wynter felt a ... [Read More...]

Letting Go

Cedar meets Brock at eleven, falls in love at fifteen and after a tragedy loses him at eighteen. Fifteen years later, existing but not living, she moves across the county and meets Killian, a second chance at love. Then Brock comes back into her life. This is not a love triangle, it’s a second chance at love romance with a twist. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Genesis: Discover Your Purpose

The book of Genesis is the book of discovery. Without the book of Genesis, we would not know anything about the origins of our world. Evolutionism and the Big Bang theory are inadequate to explain how the world came into being and the many complexities of the universe; the world, therefore, must be understood from the perspective of the Creator, the sovereign Lord over all things…. As you study this book, there are two important things you need constantly to keep in mind. First, the prima... [Read More...]