Blood Bond

Dark forces are working against the vampire king and the woman he wishes to take as his own. Most everyone has history and skeletons in their closet, but Gracie Munroe has more than most. She was born half Vampire, half human and is hunted by both. Exhausted from living on the run, she arrives at the Stoney Inn, only to realize a powerful vampire awaits her. Dark, deadly, and dangerous, this vampire refuses to be ignored and claims she belongs to him. His alluring presence tempts her resolve to... [Read More...]

You’re Either Walking The Walk Or Just Running Your Mouth!

Reads Like A Modern-Day Teaching Of The Book Of James! You’re Either Walking delivers a singular blessing rarely found in similar books: a combination of material that is both scholarly and practical. Verse-by-Verse Treatment Engaging and Applicable Remarkably Practical and Theological Thoughtful Study Questions Throughout In You’re Either Walking, the author carefully and pastorally explains and applies each verse of what is arguably the most action-packed, imperative-filled letter of th... [Read More...]

The Solo Ager Estate Plan: Trust and Estate Essentials for Single, Childless Seniors

“This is one of those books where one little line could save you loads of money. Money you didn’t even know you could really lose until one of those “court-appointed strangers” arrives in the picture” – Amazon Reviewer This easy-to-read Amazon-Bestseller guide answers all your questions about trust and estate essentials for single, childless seniors. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Old Friends and New, Another Murder

When a former colleague is implicated in his neighbor’s demise, Sheridan Hendley returns to Cold Creek to try to prove his innocence. Annoying as Max can be, she can’t imagine the quirky professor is capable of murder. Of course, it doesn’t help that Max threatened his neighbor in a public place soon before the man was murdered. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Broken Pillars of Society: The Empowerment of Man

Throughout the journey of The Broken Pillars of Society: the empowerment of man, the Author, A.A. Pearson promises to empower you and human race. The author teaches the true significance behind being human, he further teaches the secrets of pursuing the path of enlightenment. As the reader progresses through the books content, they will learn of the real problems that the human race face within the 21st century. The finale of the book presents tangible solutions that would facilitate the idea o... [Read More...]

The Seduction of the Glen

A fierce Highland warrior, loyal to his king. His beautiful English captive. He has vowed her protection, but will he have to risk his own life to do so? John Sinclair, faithful warrior for Robert the Bruce, makes a fateful wager with his brother: whoever wins Aislynn’s affections will wed her. Only Aislynn de Valence, niece to the English King, is a captive of the Bruce, sent to the Highlands as a prisoner and for her own protection. The last thing she wants is to wed her enemy. To win the w... [Read More...]

Free: Dark Room

The rules of Society X are simple…break them and you’re out. Rule #1 – No names It doesn’t matter if you want to know, it’s forbidden. Rule #2 – No exchanging numbers It doesn’t matter if you want to call, it’s forbidden. Rule #3 – Everything is to remain strictly anonymous. It doesn’t matter if you want to tell, it’s forbidden. The Dark Room is the only place you can live out your fantasies and no one will ever know it’s you. ... [Read More...]

Free: Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone

Two very different worlds, Easton Falls University and the magical realm of Everville are in dire need of a hero. Owen Sage embarks on an epic journey of monumental proportions to save these worlds all while fighting to keep the world within himself intact. This quest is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the weak of mind—only the bravest will succeed. Discovering the well-kept secret of The Fourth Pillar of Truth is only part of the feat. Amongst all of the dragons, giants and grand ch... [Read More...]