Arcturus Academy: The Complete Series

In love with one twin, bonded by fire to the other. Welcome to Arcturus Academy. 98% of fire magi who attempt the agonizing forbidden ritual known as The Burning don’t survive. Those who do… level up in ways undreamt of by the Unburned. I survived. Now I’ve got other problems. Headmaster Chaplin charges me with tutoring struggling student April, but when a bully targets April, I feel my control slipping. It doesn’t help that he is my crush’s evil twin, who–for reason... [Read More...]

Into the Stars (Rise of the Republic Book 1)

The stars are within mankind’s reach…… But what awaits in the void may end humanity… Mars and the Moon have been colonized, piracy runs rampant in the asteroid belts, and a thriving society grows in the depths of space. Humanity prepares to embark upon its greatest journey—the colonization of Alpha Centauri. Then everything changes… A deep space reconnaissance probe discovers a new Earth-like planet twelve light-years from Earth’s sun. The probe also finds something unusual, somet... [Read More...]

The Missing American

Private detective Edie Fox is more than a little suspicious when a wealthy American turns up to her cluttered backstreet office in Oxford, England, and hands her a bundle of cash to find his missing cousin. But not enough to turn down the deal. Yet she soon has more on her hands than she bargained for when an old flame enters her life, and the witnesses in her case start giving her the run-around. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Regrettable Decision

At the altar, Zarayah cant help but wonder if she’s making a terrible mistake Keeping her husband-to-bes secrets from her family wasn’t the first gut-wrenching decision she had to make. Choosing to go through with the wedding after learning what Zaire has done leaves Zarayah with a bad taste in her mouth. But surely its too late to call things off when they’re standing at the altar together right? Backing out would embarrass her family and herself. So she goes through with the... [Read More...]

Free: The Blue Pendant

Books 2 & 3 in the series are discounted to $0.99 ‘Millennia ago, our galactic host scanned your spark soaring from the universe to Earth. You weren’t one of us and lived as a human. Through centuries you pupated in one life before bursting into another. Now Gods shun me, looking to you. Enough, young LORD MACDONALD. Prepare for my wrath.’ “There are many great elements in this novel such as a fascinating take on Greek mythology and wonderful world-building.” Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

His Trust

Gruff, grumpy billionaire CEO Collin Stark actually thought I was a corporate spy. Me—shy, plump, boring Mia James. When he confronted me, I discovered that one, the hardened ex-Army interrogator is way more ruthless than folks realize. Two, he’s an intense dom that seems to think I’m a sub. And three, we’ve got insanely hot chemistry…which is very bad seeing as I’m now his new private secretary. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Falling for the Recluse

JOSIE: I can’t believe I’m going to be living with Dr. Gavin Stark. Brilliant glaciologist. Famously bad-tempered. Extremely private. Supremely annoyed I’m invading the remote Antarctic island he’s been alone on for years… GAVIN: The irrationally perky college girl is scrappier than I expect. Ten times cuter than I was dreading, and surprisingly good at following orders—even the dirtiest kind, which I can’t seem to stop myself from issuing… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Web of Sin Boxed Set

“Have you been Aleatha’d?” “Aleatha is back, better than ever…” Six Chick Book BlogWeb of Sin boxed set is the deliciously intriguing collection that includes: SECRETS, LIES, and PROMISES. Welcome to the Sparrow Web world, Sterling Sparrow and Araneae McCrie’s trilogy: SECRETS: Sterling Sparrow has waited nearly two decades to claim his queen, the woman born to rule beside him. His wait is over. Lured back to the city she’d been warned to never return, Kennedy is offered... [Read More...]

Breaking Midnight: A True Story

John Walker was a Miami undercover narcotics agent in the 1970s. Ten years later, he was in prison for smuggling 12,000 pounds of marijuana. In prison, he connected with a South American drug lord who was still running the family operation from inside the federal pen. Within months of being paroled, John began smuggling again—this time uncut Colombian cocaine. And this time, he put everything on the line: his freedom, his family and, ultimately, his life. An uncensored, gritty story of how a ... [Read More...]

Cowboy Wolves of Wildclaw Ridge: A Shifter Bad Boy Box Set

Even the nicest small towns have a darkness to them. Crawling with outlaws and secrets, it’s only a matter of time before trouble arises in Wildclaw Ridge. It’s up to no one but the sexy, determined cowboy wolf shifters of Wildclaw Ridge to step up and make sure nothing gets out of hand. Because if they don’t…things could get a bit messy. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]