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Jeb Strauss and Grant’s Gold

A Civil War gold shipment lies buried in the sediments of the Tennessee River. Treasure hunter, Jeb Strauss is hired by a mysterious woman to find the wreck and the gold hidden inside. Unfortunately, there are others searching for the vessel and the secret shipment that is worth more than the gold. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

His Spirited Lady (Enterprising Women Book 2)

Mix two fake lovers, age over a disastrous house party, distill the romance; and savor the happily ever after. Richard Ferrand arrives in Thetford to visit his family and to seek advice on a recent inheritance. He’s expecting it to be a brief visit. His former brother-in-law has a new family, and Richard is eager to return to his familiar bachelor businessman routine. That all changes when he comes to the rescue of a young lady with plans of her own. Amelia Chitester has spent her life being ... [Read More...]

Bratva Daddy

My dark secret? The single dad who hired me as a nanny makes me want to rip off his clothes. But that’s not the dark part. I took the job to get close enough to take him down. Six feet under to be exact. “I know a little bit of self-defense.” It’s a lie of course. I could easily kill a man nine different ways with the tip of a ballpoint pen. Dimitri Antonov may be a devoted father. And to say he’s easy on the eyes would be a true understatement. But I know what a true monster he i... [Read More...]