It’s not yet time to exhale… The child that should have never been born in the Rimworlds, must be returned to her people. However, the frontier gods can’t see the future for her. And that can mean only two things—if the child is released, the galactic humanity is doomed. If she remains amongst the frontier gods, she may well eclipse them all…. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Viking and the Pictish Princess

Eithne’s cruel father sold her mother into slavery and gave her away. Despised by her siblings as a bastard, beautiful Eithne has lost everything, including her name. Now called Bindweed, the illegitimate daughter of King Giric has made a life for herself on Maiden Isle as a respected wise-woman. She is determined to hold fast to that position and her little home, no matter what—or who—may come to try to steal it. But when a fleeing Norseman appears dripping from the loch to seek shelter ... [Read More...]

We the Depraved

I plan to control all of Texas. From the outside looking in, I’m just another billionaire searching for more power. The truth is, behind all the money, and mystique, at my core I’m Russian Bratva. I was born into that darkness and molded to take what’s mine. Sage Porter is a broken thing, twisted by a horrible childhood. She’s meaner than a rattlesnake when pushed and just as sultry as any desert rose. Her presence is commanding. Magnetic. She was supposed to be mine. Her father, the ga... [Read More...]

Free: Dive In Deep

Tall, dark, and gorgeous with cobalt-blue eyes. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the billionaire owner of the resort we’re staying at. And all of it is just what I needed for my celebration weekend after graduating with my master’s. It’s our last girls’ weekend before my friends and I go our separate ways, and it’s going to happen with a bang. Literally. Hopefully. It would be a first. The desire was to keep things casual, but our connection is far too deep for that. Him being ex-militar... [Read More...]

Free: Mated to the Vampire

A fierce VAMPIRE warrior’s hunt for a killer brings him the one person he never expected… His FATED MATE. Lucian, leads a brotherhood of dark, dangerous and deadly vampires. He hungers for a taste of his mate, craves her scent, yearns to feel her beneath him, submitting to his wicked demands. He needs to claim her before he loses himself completely. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Little Dune: The Hidden Opportunities In Challenges (La Petite Dune) – Ebook

In this story, we wanted to show that the changes that occur in life can also offer opportunities if we can adapt to them. The little dune is a fable which, in a simple and playful way, helps to explain the concept of resilience to all audiences. Book characteristics Number of pages: 32 Book dimensions: 25 x 17 cm Colours Matt finish A   About the authors Beatriz and Clément have two wonderful little girls who, like all children, ask many questions. The year 2020 was so special that we co... [Read More...]

The Thief’s Lover

Revenge is sweet but Chastity is sweeter… I’m a thief. I steal things, beautiful, things, shiny things. When Chastity gets in my way, I steal her too. She’s the most beautiful shiny object I’ve ever possessed. But this poor little rich girl has a daring streak and together we’re unstoppable. Ransacking the rich, distributing to the poor. Until I find out who her father is. He’s the most powerful and hated man on the coast. And I’ve got his most treasured possession… $0.99 on Kin... [Read More...]