The Murder of Sarah Grosvenor

In a small 18th century American village, where the streams ran cool and clean, the soil was loamy, and the people prospered, repeated attempts to end the pregnancy of a prominent young woman resulted in her gruesome death. The Murder of Sarah Grosvenor is a compelling work of historical fiction which revisits those shocking days of deceit, betrayal, and malevolence during the “Age of Enlightenment,” and then further imagines what led to the multiple arrest warrants which were finally issue... [Read More...]

My Final Love Affair

Being a billionaire bad boy brings more trouble than it’s worth. My business is my focus and helping vets is the gig. It’s fulfilling and keeps me busy, but love decided to poke its nosy self into my life recently. The pretty single mom at the bookstore down the way is way too much to ignore. She’s stunning, smart, and has me pacing the floor wanting to know more about her. It’s terrible that I’ve already fallen head over heels for her little one too. Me. A guy that wasn’t sure abou... [Read More...]

Sink or Swimwear: My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur Surviving Life, PTSD, and a Cutthroat Industry

Constantly battling life-altering trauma, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and the cutthroat fashion industry, Just Bones Boardwear founder Jennifer Berk Weisman refused to let the accident define her and steal her identity. She had to do more than reinvent the boardshort. She had to reinvent herself. The powerful true story of recovery, hope, and resilience that will inspire you to channel your own inner strength to overcome trauma or chase your entrepreneur dreams. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Interstellar Angel

“Three men who want to possess her. All enemies. Danger-filled, action-packed & smoking hot.” Strap yourself in for a steamy, race-through-space mating contest! If STAR WARS met why-choose romance, the heroes fell for the villains, and everyone on the Millennium Falcon got naked, you’d have INTERSTELLAR ANGEL. “Fast-paced, erotic, and brutal.” $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Not ‘Him’ Or ‘Her’: Supporting My Non-Binary Child: A Guide to Puberty Blockers, Dead Names, Binders, Body Dysmorphia and Dysphoria, Top Surgery, and Telling Friends, Families, and Schools

Learn the best ways to support your non-binary child. Do you have a non-binary child and want to learn about what your child is going through? Are you trying to be supportive but don’t know where to start? This book is the perfect guide to help you learn every aspect of transitioning, what it means to be a non-binary child, and being a supportive parent. In this book, you will: Understand what it means to be a non-binary child and how to support your child’s transition. Learn how to ease yo... [Read More...]

Dark Maiden

Ghosts, revenants, incubi , vampires and demons haunt medieval England, as Yolande and Geraint must use their love to survive. Beautiful Yolande comes from an exotic line of exorcists—a talent she considers a gift—and a curse. In fourteenth century England, a female exorcist who is also black is an oddity. She is sought after and trusted to quiet the restless dead and to send revenants to their final rest. Geraint the Welshman captures Yolande’s heart with his ready smile and easy ways, a... [Read More...]

Mastering the Law of Attraction for Money: 17 Secret Manifestation Techniques to Quickly Attract Wealth, Success, and Abundance

If you’re looking for a Law of Attraction book that is filled with practical strategies that ACTUALLY works, this book is for you. $0.99 for a limited time. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]