Free: A Murder on Wall Street

A Wall Street executive flies out of a 21st floor window. Is it suicide or homicide? Former NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso, now a private eye and half-owner of an Irish Pub in the financial district of New York has doubts. And so does his half-brother and part-owner of the pub, Father Dominic O’Brian, pastor of St. Helens in Brooklyn, who himself is a private eye. Both Joey and Father Dom saw the executive celebrating the night before at the pub the landing of his biggest client. So why comm... [Read More...]

Whispers of Home

Jaron McAllister thought nothing would ever change in the small town where he grew up. The same bullies would harass him for being gay, and no one would really care. Still, Pickleville holds less danger for his six-year-old son than his rundown neighborhood in the city. Despite his low expectations, he finds Pickleville isn’t the same old tired farming town, although two things remain the same. The same bully wants to drag him down. And Travis Heath is still the hottest guy in town. And someh... [Read More...]

Free: A Murder on Long Island

TOO MANY LEADS, TWO FEW BREAKS, AND only TEN DAYS TO GO IN THE TRIAL OF THE YEAR… Things are finally turning around at Captain O’Brian’s Pub and Cigar Bar, an oddball location for a PI office, but the kind of warm, buzzy scene every mystery reader loves. After first getting fired, then earning a glowing reputation in his first high-profile case as a PI, ex-NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso’s back on the crime scene with his half-brother and Brooklyn’s favorite man of the cloth, Father Domin... [Read More...]

Free: Civil Terror: Gridlock

Terrorists hack and weaponize the new self-driving car network designed by engineer Jake Bendel, forcing him to partner with a rogue FBI agent to stop a larger national attack. An intense thriller with a plausible scenario from a real-life traffic engineer about artificial intelligence and the self-driving revolution. “Fans of smart, fast-paced thrillers, like those by Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy, will gravitate towards Civil Terror: Gridlock.” – Auto Newsblaster ... [Read More...]

Free: Savage Heir

  It started as a date with my worst enemy. It ended with a surprise baby in my belly. That’s about as bad as it gets, right? WRONG. Fast forward six years and I’m a struggling single mom. I thought I’d never see Ilya Borisov again. Until he reappears and rocks my world to its core. But there’s one little problem. He doesn’t recognize me. Or his five-year-old son. Only I know who he is. He is the Devil incarnated. A cruel Bratva assassin, feared by everyone. Our chemistry is off ... [Read More...]

California Sports Astounding: Fun, Unknown, and Surprising Facts from Statehood to Sunday

You might know California’s sunny beaches and sky-high Redwoods, but do you know when California’s first mini golf course opened? Ever wondered what’s recognized as California’s official state sport, or which sports were invented within its state lines? Impress your friends, amaze your family, and even conquer your enemies on a quiz show with your sublime knowledge of every sport in the Golden State! Featuring extraordinary facts and remarkable events from football to fishing, this comp... [Read More...]

Fireworks with Three Mountain Men

My sister’s ex wants to make me his. And his two equally hot friends are ready to join the party. With all this sexual tension between the four of us…I’m feeling sparks like the Fourth of July!! Dylan is my sister’s ex-boyfriend and as dreamy as they come. He’s protective, strong, and as big as the mountains he calls home. Red is quiet and thoughtful. Like a huge teddy bear, I want to cuddle with all night long. Cash is wild, flirty, and a complete force of nature.... [Read More...]

Free: The Dead Travel Fast

The line between a hero and a villain is often thinner than we imagine… Vlad 3 Dracula, prince of Wallachia and defender of Christendom. Count Dracula, who inspired one of the greatest horror tales in history… are both alive in the same extraordinary man… a man who’s past holds the key to defeating a new and bloody evil … Veronica Belle, an average young woman with aspirations of becoming a horror writer has chosen the pastoral seaside town of Potter’s neck to inspire her… and yet... [Read More...]