Free: Into the BeanStalk

Jack is a 20-year-old techie and long-time shut-in, driven to save her father from corporate servitude. That means getting her hands on scrip, and lots of it. Going into debt with the most violent bikers in Hope Megacity will get her the cybernetic limbs she needs to overcome her disabilities, but that’s only the beginning. Action, suspense, and wit, presented in an accessible take on the genre. If you like complex worlds of near-future tech, dystopian struggle, and memorable characters, ... [Read More...]

When we meet Again (Alpha Billionaire)

The man I’ve been in love with for the last six years doesn’t even remember who I am… I’ve hidden some big secrets from Alexander Stone – my fake ex husband. Yes, we got married so he could secure his position as the CEO of his dad’s company. And I desperately needed the money he paid me. The last six years have changed a lot of things, except for one. I still remember the way he made my breath quicken when he came close. His world would flip upside down if he finds out that I’m a... [Read More...]

Meeting the Shadow Finding Your Self: A Handbook on How to Transform the Dark Side of Your Personality

Your shadow is powerful. It can trip you up, sabotage your best efforts and create obstacles. It can also house amazing creative potential you never knew you had. Discover how to make friends with this primal force. It is waiting to be unleashed. Until you own your darkness, you only half live. You deny the fullness of your unique expression because you repress what you believe is unpalatable or unacceptable. As a consequence, you find yourself frustrated with the world, irritated with those yo... [Read More...]

How to Love Yourself for Happiness and Success: An Authentic Guide and Workbook to Increase Self-Confidence, Forgive the Past, Stop Toxic Emotions, and Overcome Negativity to Live with More Peace

Walk on the Path to Happiness and Success With These Practical Activities to Help You Love Yourself More – An Interactive Workbook for People Who Want to Love Themselves Discover the transformative power of self-love and unlock a life filled with happiness, success, and inner peace! With this workbook, you’ll embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by an authentic and practical guidebook and workbook. This empowering guide offers a comprehensive roadma... [Read More...]

How to Market Your Book for Profit, The Non-Negotiables

Who said the only way to fail as a writer is if you expect your book to sell itself? So…you got your book published. Great. But that’s only the beginning. How do you get your book noticed? Need help putting together a killer marketing plan? What the heck is an email list, and why do I need one? As in all the Non-Negotiable books, How to Market Your Book for Profit will condense the business of promotion down to what you must do, and then what you can do. This book will demystify the all-imp... [Read More...]

Lumi’s Spell

In a world where magic is forbidden, and gods are tethered to their dreams, a boy goes on a quest to save a girl with a heart of ice. An epic fantasy tale about friendship, betrayal, and the true cost of vengeance. If you love sword and sorcery adventures with a touch of romance, you will love Lumi’s Spell! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Unbossly Manners

Whoever said there’s somebody for everyone obviously never met her between the sheets. Peyton Holland is a bedroom bore. Labeled broken during her most brutal date so far, the podcast media employee is beyond ready to unsubscribe from sex. But a friend’s dirty suggestion totally hits the G-spot, and she asks a devastated divorcé to tutor her in all things titillating. Jackson Rhodes still can’t get over his ex. So the heartbroken lawyer has little left to lose in the romance department w... [Read More...]

Free: Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good

“Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good” received the Gold Seal of Excellence by the Nonfiction Authors Association. It is here to give you the tools that help you to never give up no matter how messy life becomes. This award-winning inspirational self-help book gently feeds your spirit with optimism and healing tools that add to your personal growth journey. Every word on every page is designed to support you in feeling more moments of inner peace, shift from fear t... [Read More...]

Strategy Solitaire for Klondike One: Win More Games Next Time You Play

Experienced and beginning Klondike solitaire players will gain unusual skills for winning more games. These are succinct procedures and mind-training techniques that will allow you to win more of the winnable games in Klondike turn-one solitaire. This handbook provides simple rules to help you Win More Games Next Time You Play. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]