Free: Sauvignon Slaying

A Grisly Murder, a Desperate Ghost, and a 100-year-old Secret? Buying the rundown Vineyard on Spell’s Bay is Verity’s Do-Over. It just needs a little TLC. And maybe a bulldozer. It’s here in the Magic-Filled town of Veil Falls that she will find out she’s something more than Over-the-Hill and Broke… According to Honor, her handsome next-door neighbor and resident Vine Warlock, she has a certain gift. Only a Wine Witch isn’t all she is. When the Naked Ghost on... [Read More...]

The Exchange: A Gripping Psychological Thriller with an Incredible Twist

Sam has always dreamed of becoming an actress. But when she arrives in L.A., she quickly discovers that the path to fame and fortune is paved with danger and deception. With a dark secret in her past, Sam is desperate to escape her town and will do anything to make her dreams a reality. When she meets Corey, a mysterious and charismatic man who promises to help her, Sam thinks she’s finally found the break she’s been looking for. But as events unfold, she realizes that Corey is not ... [Read More...]

Arena (Space Station Astral Venture Book 1)

Waking up in a hostile environment… not the usual start to the day. Not knowing who you are? Priceless. A group of strangers awake with their lungs full of stasis goo. What they don’t immediately realize is that they’re going to have to work fast if they’re going to survive a concatenation of organic and mechanical beasts, traps and deadly encounters. It’s going to take all their collective wit, guile and any innate abilities they can uncover because survival is far from guaranteed. M... [Read More...]

Hunger For More in Life: Conquer Mental Struggles, Defy Limitations, and Discover Purpose Through Epic Achievements

I am JD Tremblay, a finisher of some of the world’s most extreme triathlons, including the Epicdeca. Here to share with you that it’s acceptable to have lofty ambitions if you put the effort in the right direction. Setting high objectives should daunt you. However, they should also provide a driving force to achieve whatever you prearranged for yourself. In this book, you will find how I overcame some of my challenges to be one of only three athletes worldwide to complete the Epicdeca, ... [Read More...]

Free: Not So Caring

Birthdays. We all have them, but that doesn’t mean you have to like them. In Not So Caring, I share my true feelings about birthdays, both other people’s and my own. As you can guess, I seldom feel the urge to celebrate mine and don’t get excited by it at all. Read my no-holds-barred rants about birthdays and see if you think the same. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: 9 Powerful Ways To Awaken Your Femme Fatale And Dark Feminine Energy

Do you want to attract and seduce any man you desire? Do you want to unlock your feminine power? Do you want to improve your confidence in social settings and in dating? If so, then this groundbreaking book is for you! This book is your comprehensive guide to unlocking your inner femme fatale; this book is designed for women who are ready to explore their darker, more enigmatic side. It is for women who are unafraid of embracing their power and seduction to transform their lives. Sofia De Paolo... [Read More...]

The Emerald Necklace

Rosalee Linoff seeks to return to her art after her husband’s death. Insecurity plagues her when she meets her new neighbor, best-selling author Fran Barish. A spiral of mutual envy ensues, intensified by Fran’s secret fascination with Rosalee’s granddaughter’s emerald necklace. As tensions escalate, Rosalee faces a dilemma when her granddaughter’s convictions are tested. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Find Your Courage

“Find Your Courage” is a transformative book that empowers you to let go of fear and negative self-talk, enabling you to embrace a happier, healthier life. Through relatable stories and insightful guidance, the book explores how life experiences shape our confidence and fears, while offering practical strategies to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Discover the key to unlocking your personal power and living authentically, free from self-imposed barriers and doubts, and gain... [Read More...]