Ruth Ready

Most women have made the statement “I’m waiting on my Boaz”, but I have a question, while you’re waiting on your Boaz are you Ruth Ready? It’s one thing to plan a wedding, but it’s something totally different preparing for marriage and getting ready for marriage starts long before you get the ring. This book is intended to help you focus on what’s important: a healthy and joyous Christ-Centered marriage that will last as long as the vows say, ‘til death do us part. I want to hel... [Read More...]

Free: Soteriology: Understanding Our Great Salvation (The Bible Teacher’s Guide)

What is salvation? Why do humans need it? And what is its process? The doctrine of salvation essentially teaches how humans are condemned to an eternal hell by a just and righteous God because of their sins. However, instead of condemning all of humanity without any hope of redemption, God provided a means of salvation, so that the condemned may become righteous and dwell eternally with him in a place of blessing. In this study, we will consider salvation by exploring some of the elements withi... [Read More...]

Your HeartSong Journey: Discovering and Living Your Inspired Dream and God-Designed Purpose

Your HeartSong Journey is the road you’re meant to travel. It’s the best expression of Christ’s love. It’s the new life you crave. It’s the song God has written on your heart. WHY WAIT ANY LONGER TO LIVE YOUR HEARTSONG? $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: How to Manifest the God of the Universe Into Your Life: Not self-help. God-help.

Not self-help. God-help. HOW TO MANIFEST THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE INTO YOUR LIFE teaches you how to rise up and be the warrior God has called you to be so you can lead in relationships, business, and all areas of life!... [Read More...]

Free: Kingdom Purpose, Kingdom Power

Terri Buckingham reveals two key concepts to walking out our kingdom purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit. In these days it is vital that each of us hear God’s spirit direct us, so we can carry out our unique destiny. When you understand these principles, you will be filled with peace, comfort, assurance and the ability to do what you were created to do. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Salt & Light: Being The Hands & Feet of Christ (In a Cruel and Dangerous World)

Salt & Light is a powerful and bold book. In this book, the author provides testimony and discusses situations where the line of duty blurs and where acts that align with personal beliefs and Christian faith become difficult to discern. Poole shines a light on the unsettling issues that are sometimes overwhelming in public service, and gives scripture-based advice on how to stay lucid and consistent with one’s beliefs. This book lifts the veil and shows readers that police officers al... [Read More...]

Free: The Prophetic Word Made More Sure (Volume 2)

Forget Hollywood, do you want to know the identity of the antichrist and the lamb with two horns? What about the false prophet and the ten kings, or the three kings and the great harlot? All of these people are alive today, laying their plans for world domination. Are you ready for earth’s last days? Because you’ll probably see them. Believer or not. Christian or not. We are about to experience the Day of the Lord. It’s time to trim your lamps. Have you laid up a store of spiritual provis... [Read More...]

Free: Omega Brigade: How Millennials and Gen-X-ers Will Use the Omega Brigade to Restore Meaning and Order to Western Civilization

Western Civilization is in steep decline. Only the Millennials and Gen-X-ER’s can reverse this trend. But they need a plan and a program and power from God on high with both Mary and Jesus of Nazareth. Today young people are searching for a challenge that has enough value to call for their complete life and purpose. The Omega Brigade tells the story of a searcher who traveled from Copenhagen to Kathmandu to find the answer to life’s biggest question. Charles Christmas lays out a time tested... [Read More...]

Free: The Bible’s Uniqueness: An Introduction to Scripture

Though every year the Bible is the world’s most popular, purchased, and translated book, the majority of people reading the Bible have never deeply studied it, and even among those who have, many still have numerous, lingering questions, such as: “Who wrote it?” “Is it historically reliable?” “How were the books of the Bible selected?” “Is it possible that some books are missing or that others will be added?” “What is the over-arching storyline of the Bible and its primary m... [Read More...]