Quarantined Hearts

What would you do if you were trapped in quarantine with your one-night stand… and the arch-nemesis you’ve spent a decade trying to forget? Forced to shelter from the virus together in a one bedroom condo Monroe, Kellen, and Austin have to find a way to survive the pandemic…and each other. Reviewers are calling Quarantined Hearts “Five Stars of delightful drama and wickedly naughty scenes!” This steamy MMF menage romance features MM, MF, MMF groupings, BDSM power e... [Read More...]

Ukulele for Beginners: A Beginners Guide and Songbook to Learn and Play Ukulele, Reading Different Chords Including Popular Songs

Playing the ukulele should bring you peace and joy. Do not make it into a job where you feel like you have to practice every day. Music is all about staying true to yourself and staying in love with the practice of it. I have made sure that you have all of the necessary material to get started and a few great diagrams to give you a clearer picture. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle

If you had special abilities to travel out of body, where would you go? How far could you go? What would secret organizations do with these abilities? Tahra had a troubled childhood being different, but she always knew she was destined for something special. Her abilities manifested at a young age but when Max Richardson brings her to London to undertake psychic contracts at his research facility, her life changes irrevocably. However, her true power becomes apparent on meeting physicist, Dr. P... [Read More...]

Murder in the Arboretum

Discovery of a dead body shattered the calm of the Arboretum. Another murder in small town Cold Creek has tensions rising. Clive Johnson, the groundskeeper at Cold Creek College, is a convenient scapegoat for a police chief. Convinced Chief Pfeiffe has it all wrong, Sheridan Hendley sets out to help prove Clive’s innocence. Not everyone is pleased by her enthusiastic search for the truth. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Your Ticket to the Forty Acres: The Unofficial Guide for UT Undergraduate Admissions

Stressing about your University of Texas at Austin undergraduate and other college applications? Ease your worries and increase your chances of gaining admission to your dream school with these winning tips and strategies from former UT Admissions Counselor Kevin Robert Martin. Use his inside perspective to maximize your admissions chances not just at UT but at selective universities nationwide. His comprehensive guide tells readers everything he wishes he could have said when he worked for UT-... [Read More...]

Time Is Irreverent

An irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy! What if you could change history to eliminate slavery, World War II, the Spanish Inquisition, global warming, and an egomaniacal nuclear-bomb-dropping US president? What if that change also made 5 billion people poof from existence? Would you do it? “Ironic, original, hysterically funny, deftly crafted, and an impressively entertaining read from first page to last”—Midwest Book Review $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bound for Barcelona – Breaking Free, The Journey

What is it about complicated men that makes them so irresistible? Elena Vidal’s life couldn’t be more complicated. That is, until fate throws Ethan Pierce in her path. He’s younger…much younger, but he’s more sophisticated, more powerful than any man she’s known. From the moment she sees his gorgeous face, his smoldering eyes, his chiseled body—she knows he is the one who will be her undoing. Divorced and living in her empty nest, Elena muddles her way through the disappointme... [Read More...]

Five Days, Five Deaths (China Bohannon Book 5)

C.K. Crigger continues her cozy mystery China Bohannon series with Five Days, Five Dead. China gets an urgent assignment from rich businessman Sepp Amsel to find his fiancee’s sister who’s been kidnapped for a substantial ransom. Amsel, though, thinks it’s possible he’s being bamboozled, because events don’t quite add up. China has two days to find answers. Murder soon becomes part of the equation. First a bellhop, then a tailor. China better find out soon, before she, too, is... [Read More...]