Murder and a Wedding

Solving a murder wasn’t on the wedding planner’s checklist. With so many changes in her life, sleuthing is the last thing on the mind of Cold Creek College’s amateur sleuth. Unbeknownst to her, the victim she stumbled across was the manager of Hidden Oaks, a picturesque wedding venue – the precise location the wedding planner had suggested for her upcoming nuptials. When Sheridan visits Hidden Oaks, she senses there is more underfoot than meets the eye. Can she put the pieces to... [Read More...]


Mount Shasta: Four campers experience the unimaginable… SETI Institute: A Signal From Deep Space is Detected… NASA: Scientists are baffled When M.I.T. graduate, Tom Bishop and his friends decide to take a short vacation in the Shasta–Trinity National Forest region by Mount Shasta, situated in the 1000-mile long Cascade Mountain Range of Northern California, it turns out they aren’t alone… Four Campers experience the unimaginable… After a long drive through the Sh... [Read More...]

Realms of Ghosts and Magic: Fae Witch Chronicles (Book 1)

When I breach the Fae realm to find a girl recently reported missing, start seeing the ghost of a witch whose disappearance has never been solved, and discover a Book of Shadows that opens only for me, I can’t just go back to supernatural business as usual. Especially when a sexy and mysterious mage becomes my new partner. Readers are calling Realms of Ghosts and Magic “enthralling,” “spectacularly written” with “plot twists that kept my heart racing!” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Crossing the Line

Ten years after surviving something no child should ever have to endure, Hallie Anderson is finally ready to stop hiding in the shadows. She has a job she loves, friends who care about her, and a fresh start in an apartment of her own. She can finally put the horrors of the past behind her. Or so she thinks. When the past merges with the present, Hallie is soon feeling like the scared and vulnerable thirteen-year-old of ten years ago. Wanting desperately to hold onto her new life, she’s reluc... [Read More...]


A young mother finds she has an admirer who is very difficult to please Dana is not in a good place financially or emotionally. So when she finds a bag of money under a bush after dropping her kids off at school, she’d be forgiven for thinking her luck has changed for the better. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse. She starts getting threatening letters. They claim to be from her “number one fan”, referring to a time when she was a popular actress on an Australian soap opera. The ... [Read More...]


A modern-day teenage orphan remembers a millennia-old murder through a connection that had spanned generations. Sarah thinks she is going crazy when she dreams, not realizing that she is watching her ancestor’s life through inherited memories. When Sarah discovers she has an instinctive ability to fight thanks to her ancestor, one of the most feared warriors in history, her life drastically changes. A scientific research company offers her a new and better future. With no more group homes... [Read More...]


  Many romantic books are made for people longing for unconditional love and a happy ending. But there is only one written for single people stating that dating and finding the One isn’t that simple. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean all this searching can’t be a lot of fun, though. Part of this is sex. Sex is a good thing, and it doesn’t necessarily come with that strong feeling initially. If you’re prudish, this story full of sex isn’t for you. If you’re too decent to re... [Read More...]

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Anxiety and fear seek to prey on the damaged and create heavy burdens that scar the soul, being heartless and insensitive to the lost, unkempt, and broken-spirited in a troubled, unwholesome world. However, they do not reign for eternity, as faith, resilience, and empowerment remain planted from within to help overcome pressing obstacles, regardless of how difficult they may be. Peace in the Midst of the Storm primarily focuses on the beauty of positivity, selflessness, and honorable confidence... [Read More...]