Free: The Bible Teacher’s Guide (39 Books)

“The Bible Teachers Guide will help any teacher study and get a better background for his/her Bible lessons. In addition, it will give direction and scope to teaching of the Word of God. Praise God for this contemporary introduction to the Word of God.” Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-founder of Liberty University Free to $5.42 on … Continue reading “Free: The Bible Teacher’s Guide (39 Books)”

Free: Unleash Your Rockstar: The Power of You Through Personal Branding

The world is screaming BE YOU! – but how can you heed that call when you dont even know who you are? The truth is, most people will never experience the real YOU because that person is buried beneath layers of insecurities, fears, and a lack of self-awareness. This self-doubt is exacerbated by social media, … Continue reading “Free: Unleash Your Rockstar: The Power of You Through Personal Branding”

Free: Punks for the Opera

Marina Quantrill leaves her shattered Oregon life for a new start in San Francisco and runs smack dab into a hot streak. So hot, in fact, that she suspects foul play. A month later, she’s an assistant dog walker, manager of a punk band and creator of one of the strangest fundraisers ever created. “Bravo! … Continue reading “Free: Punks for the Opera”

Free: From Red To Black 2: Another True Turnaround Story on How A Manufacturing Company Went from Red to Black

And Now You KnowThe Rest of the Story! Robert Bob Curry returns with another business turnaround story about a manufacturing company, Utah Offroad Manufacturing, owned by a husband and wife. They were over their heads when it came to managing a $3 million offroad manufacturing company. Due to their complete lack of business knowledge and … Continue reading “Free: From Red To Black 2: Another True Turnaround Story on How A Manufacturing Company Went from Red to Black”

Free: Selfies and the End of the World

Photojournalist, or warrior for werewolf justice? Choosing a career path is never easy Enraged by the werewolves situation, Thea Muir finds herself drawn into the magical world despite the best efforts of her parents and her daemon guardian/mentor. But there is a deeper plot in the works. An ancient evil is making its move. Can … Continue reading “Free: Selfies and the End of the World”

Free: The Jazz Cat Murders

In their very first case together, cozy mystery author Agatha and homicide investigator Smitty work together to catch a dangerous serial killer who is murdering talented jazz musicians. Sparks fly as they verbally banter with each other. Theres no mistaking that attraction. Its two moths drawn to the flame of love. But before they can … Continue reading “Free: The Jazz Cat Murders”

Free: Between the Mountains

As a thank you for sending this book to #1, we’re offering the ebook FOR FREE today only! Read it now before it’s one of Reese’s picks! Southern storytelling that shows us an old world through new eyes – Daniel Wallace, Author, “Big Fish” “Keeps readers hanging on every word…” – Independent Book Review Fast-paced, … Continue reading “Free: Between the Mountains”

Free: Baron & Brannigan, Book 1, Song and Dance

Slip Back to the 1890s and join young and handsome Billy Brannigan and his younger pal, Danny Baron, as they set out to find fame, fortune and romance as entertainers. On the road to success, they travel from Doc Nobles medicine show to a minstrel show and finally to the gas-lit stages of old New … Continue reading “Free: Baron & Brannigan, Book 1, Song and Dance”

Free: Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic

If you want off this ship, youll have to be smart. Dodge the deadly illness killing your family members… …and avoid the bad guys with guns lurking around every corner. In this action-packed interactive horror story, you are Dylan, a teenager enjoying a cruise with your family. But fate has other plans as an outbreak … Continue reading “Free: Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic”