Fake it For Good

I need a fake date as Mrs. Claus to prance around town this holiday. And some lucky girl is about to have the ride of her life. In more ways than one. The pretty little thing that signs up for the job is almost too good to be true. Charity work is her middle name, and she’s beyond giving in the sheets. I’m a guy who can appreciate balance. A good girl with naughty-list tendencies? Sign me up. And once I get a taste of what I want, there’s no stopping me. She’s a gift I want to unwrap ev... [Read More...]

Sons of Isan

What if someone born and raised in the American Midwest were suddenly immersed in the culture of a Buddhist monastery in rural Thailand? This is a true story told with unflinching introspection and honesty – along with generous helpings of humor and warmth. William Reyland’s vivid and detailed descriptions of people and places carry us instantly half way around the globe. An admittedly naïve aspiration leads, by a tortuous path, to deeper understanding—and along the way we are of... [Read More...]

Free: The Paris Predicament

This magical first-person novel poignantly captures the quest for love, truth, and meaning. Sasha Lauren’s dramatic debut novel is a playful, thrilling, and unpredictable page-turner; it will take you for a wondrous ride around the world without ever leaving your seat. The whimsical words lilt and roll off the page, beckoning you on. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

My Mommy’s Boyfriend (The Forbidden Attraction)

I’d had a crush on Victor long before I was able to look into his eyes and let him hold me… I’d been dreaming of doing that since I was a teenager and he was dating my mother. A nasty breakup led me to him ten years later. Yes, I had to catch my breath when I saw him looking even hotter after all those years. I was no longer the little girl that felt guilty for liking an older man and I wanted to rip his shirt off right there at the restaurant. Victor Beringher was much more than a reboun... [Read More...]

Unwrapping Their Christmas Present: An Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance (The Why Choose Haremland)

I needed to tear my eyes away from Jake Jacobs… immediately. One glance at the hot older lawyer and I knew I was in trouble. Jake unwrapped me like his little Christmas present. Even though I was his new employee that he absolutely shouldn’t have claimed… But he wasn’t the only one that broke the rules at his law firm. Jake’s associates Zachary and Thomas also made my body tingle in ways that it never had before. Jake’s fancy dates made me forget that I had my own bills to p... [Read More...]

BLACKLISTED: The Earl Meanor family story: How this family survived through crises with integrity and character

Earl Meanor was Blacklisted and saw his world fall apart because a small group of tight-knit men at General Electric and the Knolls Atomic Power Lab decided to ruin him. This is the true story of a man who never gave up and made sure his family came first. You need to read this book! Earl Meanor was blacklisted just because a few people decided they did not like him and were determined to hurt him and mess up his life. This story tells you about the blacklist and the other terrible things that ... [Read More...]

When Hate and Love Collide

When Hate and Love Collide features an up-tight, but family-lovin’ heroine and the hot baseball player that’s determined to lighten up her life. Get ready for an Opposites Attract, Slow-Burn, Sports Romance that has a ton of heart and a happily-forever-after that will leave you smiling and sighing and swooning all in one sitting. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]