The Modest Proposal Institute

The Modest Proposal Institute’s Founders are looking for a return to mankind’s past inventiveness, which they see being lost. Their belief is justified when the teenage pupils of the Institute become men who go on to use their programming skills to amass fortunes before heading out into space and down to the ocean floor. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Hope. Promises. Joy. : Devotions for a Life of Positive Expectations

HOPE. PROMISES. JOY. is a 31-day inspirational devotional designed to help you know and share in the promises that are unchanging. In our world, it can be easy to feel as if hope and joy are evading our grasp and we can begin to worry about the things of this life that are constantly changing. Wherever there is unshakeable hope, there is the promise of a joyful future upon which we can build our lives. This devotional is aimed at helping you focus on the hope that is within you. For 31 days, ea... [Read More...]

Mateo’s Law

He’s the sheriff of a sparsely populated county in Montana. His blood brother and childhood best friend is Chief of Police on the Blackfoot Reservation, but they no longer speak. His deputy is a southern transplant with the body of a high-priced call girl, a voice of honey and mouth of a trucker. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a secret that would stun those that know him best. Other than that, it’s business as usual for Sheriff Mateo Grey. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners: Business and Marketing Secrets from the Most Successful Serial Entrepreneurs Revealed!

After several highly successful businesses, and a couple of epic failures, Jake Hanes, CPA and highly successful entrepreneur, shares not only his step-by-step strategies on turning a business into a cash cow but also shares the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs. No matter your age, the industry you’re in, or your current level of success (or failure) in business to date, this book will provide the resources, insights, best practices, and ultimately, the step-by... [Read More...]

Free: Socially Distanced: Voices of a Teacher and Her Students During a World Pandemic

With less than a day’s notice, every teacher across the globe was forced to drastically change the entire teaching and learning system of public and private school as we know it. Students, teachers, and parents around the world were quarantined, stores closed, restaurants boarded up. Life became measured by a “6 foot socially-distanced” norm. However, for children locally and internationally, this instantaneous call to action silenced their needs, locked up... [Read More...]

Season of Ice: Tales of Murder, Mystery & Mayhem

NEW TALES OF CRIME AND SUSPENSE JOIN PROSCH FAN FAVORITES TO KEEP YOU TURNING PAGES WELL PAST MIDNIGHT… From the 1965 east-coast blackout to depression-era Nebraska; from the trash-piled streets of Manhattan to rural-South Carolina; here are seventeen short stories of innocent criminals, guilty bystanders, mob hitmen, dead farm girls, and small-town cops. Justice is brutal, long-dead secrets won’t stay in the grave and just about everybody has something real to fear.... [Read More...]

Some Place Like Home

Get whisked away to England’s glorious Lake District in this sweet and clean romance. Amy Aucoin arrives in the village of Crossmere to find her timing is just right – and all wrong. She discovers not only a place to call home, but a man she could easily love. Harry Richmond always sticks to the plan, however, and he moves to London in a week. As romance kindles between them, will Harry change his plans and choose to stay with Amy? This new release explores the delic... [Read More...]