The Flirt

free time I have I spend with my daughter, Bella reading to her, styling her hair, or choosing nail polishes appropriate for an eight-year-old. But Im okay with that because she is my whole world. After my divorce, I made myself a promise: I wouldn’t date until Bella was older. Then all my good intentions go up in smoke when I hire our newest chef for the flagship restaurant in the French Quarter. Scarlett Jones is unlike any woman Id ever met. She’s smart and beautiful and I cant g... [Read More...]

Her Protector Daddies

I just got in trouble with the cartel because of my dad. And then I met three irresistibly hot silver foxes who are totally off-limits Bailey is a handsome undercover Vice Detective assigned to my fathers case. His questioning is ruthless, but I dont relent – I have to protect my father. Tyler is his partner who ends up saving my life and charming me with his resilience and sheer power. And as if thats not enough, theres also Jay, the private detective they make me hire to protect me, who... [Read More...]


Sophie Arundel is stranded in history, stuck in a grand house in 1925 England. Thankfully, she has her faithful dog with her. Oh, and fellow student Hugo: fit, privileged, and annoying. Baffled by upper-class rules, courted by boring suitors, Sophie is desperate to get back to the twenty-first century. But the only way home is through a hidden portal and to unlock its secrets, she must work with Hugo. As one clue leads to another, Sophie discovers that history is unfolding differently. Mobs rul... [Read More...]

Free: The One That Got Away

Melanie Michaels wistfully dedicates her new romance novel to the high school boyfriend whose heart she broke ten years ago. Forcing Cooper Sutton out of her life by pretending she no longer wanted him seemed like the only way to make him follow his dreams. Instead it was the worst decision of her life. She’s never forgotten him – or stopped loving him. Cooper was blindsided when Melanie left him. He would have given up everything for her but instead he was left to face the future a... [Read More...]

Of Dolphins and Desires

Of Dolphins and Desires is a thrilling, high-voltage, action-adventure romance novel that dives into the yearnings of human nature. This South of the Border page-turning story takes the reader from the waves of the Pacific to the hope in Tiajuna to the courtrooms of California, where the clever and courageous hero and heroine must solve the mysteries if they are to survive and be awarded their own desires. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Single Mom’s SEALs

Walking into an interview with my five-year-old is the epitome of single mom problems. Towering above me: three dashing ex-SEALs including an old flame! Now Im totally freaking out. One of them is my sons daddy. And he has no idea! Towering above me: three dashing ex-SEALs including an old flame I never got over! Enter Kace, the brooding, tattooed ex-military billionaire CEO in search of tranquility. Finn, the charming, Ex-SEAL-turned-CFO, who lights a spark in me with his teasing. And Elias, t... [Read More...]