The Arrangement

He’s old enough to be my father. He might have killed my boyfriend. And his scandalous offer leaves me speechless. Not only is my boyfriend dead, he left me with a sizable loan in my name. So an intimidating Russian mobster arrives at my door. He proposes an unthinkable arrangement: repay him with my body. I immediately reject his offer … but the indecent proposal haunts me for days. In the privacy of my bed… The handsome silver fox dominates my thoughts. I touch myself gently... [Read More...]

Free: The Spark of Love

When Julie Vaughn comes face to face with the guy she left behind, the one she once thought would be her forever love, the past rushes in along with every mistake she has ever made. From the outside, most people think Julie has a charmed life. She is wealthy, beautiful, a doting single mother who serves on charity boards and community functions. But keeping the secrets of her damaged past locked inside and shutting down her heart to any man has been her only way of coping and staying strong for... [Read More...]

Daddy’s Unexpected Gift

When a billionaire becomes a child’s legal guardian overnight, Im plugged into the messy situation. Only to make it messier. Sterling Alexander was supposed to be a project. You know, a new parent who didn’t know anything about parenting? As a social worker in family services, I wasn’t permitted to stare at his gorgeous abs like I wanted to sleep with him. And yet, I stared. Oh, I also slept with him multiple times. The one thing I had promised myself not to do was fall in lov... [Read More...]

Healing Hearts

Weary ER doctor Gene Rowland seeks solace in his hometown after years of tirelessly tending to patients in the city. But his homecoming starts with a sudden rescue of a hardheaded baker, Amanda Garner, after a bizarre accident. Gene suddenly finds himself nursing Amanda and sucked into a search for a missing girl. Will he find that peace after all? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Bruised (Book 1 in the Bruised Series)

When Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quarter are called to investigate the murder of Ernest Juarez, Lisa meets wheelchair user Jake Jenson, a man determined to find his best friends killer at all costs. Jake is instantly attracted to the standoffish Lisa yet cant understand why Lisa keeps him at arms length. What Jake feels is resistance toward him, is really Lisas distrust of men caused by a previous relationship centered on domestic violence. Lisa desperately sea... [Read More...]

Alternate Endings

From the bestselling author of Recipe for Second Chances comes a smart, sexy, heartfelt romance about a single mother juggling homelife and career who finds unexpected complications while in Ireland for work. Beatrice Leal’s personal life is complicated between her divorce and her precocious six-year-old. But the job she loves is the one thing she counts on to be straightforwardthat is, until her boss’s own divorce prompts a move from NYC back to Ireland. Now Bea’s in Ireland ... [Read More...]