Rock My Soul: Rising Wind Series (Book 5)

Rock My Soul: Rising Wind Series (Book 5)
Book Five of the Rising Wind this exciting series follows the adventures of Secora James, a paleontology professor as she digs into risky mysteries around the world regarding ancient religions, myths, legends, and even wildlife that are thought to be extinct. Or are they? Secora is joined by her husband, Gideon Yellow Thunder, in their mysterious and often dodgy confrontations.

Diane Olsen’s Rock My Soul, is a multicultural adventure journey, that features Secora and Gideon’s encounters with the many different beasts they meet along the way, most specifically a collection of Bigfoot sightings interviews… that was gleaned as they attempt to better understand this cryptid… do they conduct experiments by observing people and see if we are willing to play on their terms?

There is a strong leaning toward an exploration of myths and folklore… You can tell that a diligent amount of research went into the writing of this book based on references that Olsen has provided. These lend strength to the theme of the story, making it mystical, fascinating, and mesmerizing.
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