Free: The Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles

Thaddeus Marcell has a very mixed reputation – mercenary, pirate, information broker, former slave, and crazy Earth-searcher. He’s spent most of his adult life trying to find his way back home to Earth, the world he was abducted from but is believed to be a myth by the galaxy.

After years of fruitlessly chasing down Earth rumors, he finally uncovers a genuine clue: a woman he knew from Earth, whom he served with aboard a luxury cruise liner in Earth space before his abduction, who is now a slave. To rescue her, he must risk everything: his reputation, his crew, his starships, and his life. Along the way, he must come to grips with some very ugly truths about who he’s become. But he will emerge from deep pain and heartbreak, reformed into the hero the galaxy — and Earth — deserve. Free to $0.99 on Kindle

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