Free: PULSE: Thirteen Action-Packed Medical Thrillers

PULSE: Thirteen Action-Packed Medical Thrillers
It’s a race against death…

…and every second counts.

In the world of medical thrillers, this collection of authors is unsurpassed. Thirteen medical thrillers—written by Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestsellers—fill your Kindle with high-stakes adventures.

Murderers, parental impostors, serial-killers, and natural disasters, among other villains, make these stories come alive.

The clock is always ticking.

Your pulse will race.

These thrillers will keep you turning the pages until the end, but don’t worry, the next book will be waiting for you to keep the excitement alive.

You’ll love this anthology, because the authors are seasoned masters of the craft and the price is a bargain for so many twists and turns.


Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center – Judith Lucci
Thorn – Fiona Quinn
Empty Promises – Edwin Dasso
Everett – Jenifer Ruff
The Recipient – Audrey J. Cole
Dark Harvest – Chris Patchell
Tree of Life – Timothy Browne
Biohack – JD Lasica
No Freedom – Inge-Lise Goss
Dead Air – Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid
Bloodline – Eric J. Gates
Counterstrike – J.T. Sawyer
Rogue Elements – Dan Alatorre

Which book will you read first? Free on Kindle.

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