The Mystery of Atonement Series

The Mystery of Atonement
The Mystery of Atonement books are truly a one-of-a-kind series that present spiritual content related to “the One, True, Living & Loving God Who Is ‘There'” in a manner that no other “religious” or spiritual genre book has ever done before. The material is based on both the Jewish Torah and the Christian texts, but it is unabashedly anti-religion–all organized religion. Because the series liberates people from the bondage of rules, impossible standards, and condemnation, the series will enrage the leadership of all established religions of the world, including “mainline” and “born-again” Christianity; however, they will not be able to refute nor challenge the contents of these prophetic writings. At the same time, it will truly be an enormous relief to both Christians and Jews; as well as all people who sincerely wish to commune directly with God–who Himself is seeking such communion with the sincere “whosoevers” here in these “last days”.

The author is a former Jewish atheist who experienced a dramatic “Damascus Road” encounter with God who has now sent him out with this “last days” message to all peoples. These books will reveal the One, True God and His “Mystery” in a truly compelling and irresistible manner; particularly for the “unchurched” agnostics as well as atheists who would be willing to approach God if only someone who understands them could make for them a cogent and reasoned introduction to Him, untainted by the contradiction and confusion of religious dogma. This book series promises to do just that. $2.99 each on Kindle


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