The Essence Of Life Is…LOVE!

The Essence Of Life Is ... LOVE!
The Essence Of Life Is…LOVE! is a suspense fiction book that has the reader feeling the emotional highs and lows that the main character, Olivia Mercedes Brown, encounters.

Olivia’s life starts from humble beginnings. She is from a working-class family with strong country roots. She has a tumultuous year when she meets Apollo, a mysterious good looking man.

After a whirlwind romance, Olivia marries Apollo and in a cruel twist of fate eventually realizes that his car accident was not an accident at all. Her moral compass is tested when she helps her friend Emma flee from domestic violence. She feels helpless when the system lets Emma down and her husband unbelievably gets his wish – if he can’t have Emma then no one can.

Social Injustices rear their head and Olivia displays her will to better her society and take action – she essentially becomes a social warrior for those in the community suffering from homelessness and domestic violence – the sector of community needing someone to believe in them.

Positivity overcomes the sadness when Olivia creates a social project in her friend’s honor. Olivia takes on life’s challenges with courage and conviction and at the end of the story – she finds love in the most unlikely of places – she grows as a person and takes on new responsibilities. She understands the impact of family and she comes to an important realization…The Essence Of Life is…LOVE! $2.99 on Kindle.

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