Free: Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds

There is a universe beyond our own, known as the Merge. A young locksmith called Archibald Lox is about to cross worlds and explore it. As he learns about these lands of wonders, he will have to face cold-blooded killers, rivers of blood, hell jackals and more… Book one of the Archibald Lox series, a new YA fantasy series by Darren Shan, the New York Times bestselling author of Cirque Du Freak and Lord Loss. ... [Read More...]

Storms and Shades (Two Complete Series)

What do you get when you cross Storms of Magic and Hidden Magic? Storms and Shades! Grab the 8-book collection of both completed series today! There’s even a cross-over event in each book 4, you don’t want to miss these epics series! The first part of the boxed set includes: In a time when magic rules the sea, she only trusts her sword. Abbey has always been an outsider in Holdgate. While the people of her adopted city dominate the seas with their weather-controlling storm magic, sh... [Read More...]

Fallen Mortal

Oria is the best reaper in Folkvangr. At least she used to be. Until she meets a mortal, Wells. He seems like a typical American pie, mac’n cheese kind of guy. She plays the same game with him she does with everyone else. She tries to trick him into making a decision he can never recover from, marking his soul hers. Everything goes exactly as planned. She leaves, certain he’s going to fall for the same tricks. Just like everyone else. Except he doesn’t. Not only that, but when his ticket ... [Read More...]

The Plan

This book is a fanciful tale of a young boy named Abe who lives during the days of Jesus. Abe has so many questions about this man Jesus, who everyone is talking about. Is he that baby Grandpa saw 30 years ago in that barn? Is he the Messiah Grandpa thinks he is? Why does he have to save us? Abe’s guardian angel takes him back in time to answer all his questions. Abe discovers… God has a Plan! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Pharaoh and the Librarian

What if Cleopatra faked her death and escaped on a pirate ship? While her sister sailed for Wales with the most valuable ancient books from her Library of Alexandria? And they both landed in an imagined new world filled with crypto-creatures and historical humans? Trekking the desert of 1st century New Mexico, Cleo from the Yucatan and Alex from Nova Scotia, they’d need bravery and help from friends and lovers to evade inner demons and determined villains across an uncharted wilderness filled... [Read More...]

The Inner Earth Chronicles

The Inner Earth Chronicles is a fast-paced fantasy adventure series. Tangie Newsham is a modern-day elite soldier from the real world searching for answers. Her father was presumed dead fifteen years prior. Her search leads her to her father’s discovery, a living stone portal that transported her to the magical world of Hyfold. Hyfold is a land of mystical creatures, magic, and kingdoms at war. Now trapped in this land, Tangie must make use of her modern military training, and high tech t... [Read More...]

Encountering God: A New Dimension of God’s Glory

Encountering God: A New Dimension of God’s Glory is one angel’s story about returning to Earth to deliver a message of hope after the Rapture. This fictional account details an angel doing an interview with a reporter to reveal she’s from the future after the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ, as predicted by the New Testament. The angel from Mars in the year 5034, named Jasmine, and the reporter time travel to different places in the book while Jasmine details her history and what sh... [Read More...]

Free: To Tame the Sentry Being

On a world in the distant reaches of the Universe, the human race has mysteriously found itself upon the planet Vena. They are in a state of constant war over sacred territories with a species of creature known as `Alpelites’, underneath the watchful god, Medzu. Brothers Syros and Ednon live with their grandfather Ira, a renowned visionary pacifist. The older of the brothers, Syros, is filled with anger and hate over the events which took their parents’ lives, and has made it his li... [Read More...]